Blackboard Templates

A set of Blackboard templates have been developed to assist you with the development of your online course. The templates outline a suggested structure for your online course, as well as some minimum standards and recommendations for online delivery during the period where face to face teaching is suspended.

  1. To view the template course in Blackboard, please view here -
    (If you cannot access this course, please contact ITS HOTS via or ITS Hotline: 2766 5900
  2. To download and use the template, please download this file and follow these instructions:

    How to import a template

    A course template is a .zip file with a recommended structure for your Blackboard course. Importing a template into an existing course copies the content of the package into the existing course. These templates do not include user enrollments or records, such as discussion board posts and assessment attempts. It is recommended to use templates in a ‘empty’ course with no content.

    Please note: Imported content from the template is appended to existing content in the same content area which may confuse your students, therefore you may wish to delete the menu items and content currently in your course. We recommend that you delete all menu items except Help and Resource List.

    To delete a menu item:

    1. Click on the action link button next to the content area you want to delete (don’t delete the ‘Help’ and ‘Resource List’ content areas)

    2. Then select Delete


    1. Then select Delete Content.



    1. If you have any content in the content area you will be asked to confirm once more.

    Importing the template

    1. From the Control Panel, under Packages and Utilities, click Import Package / View Logs.

    2. Click Import Package.

    3. Click BrowseMy Computer to search for the package. (The package should be saved on your local computer or a flash drive already)
    4. Select the course materials to include.
    5. Click Submit.
    6. Edit the template as necessary and add your content. (don’t forget to delete the sample content from the template). See for instructions on adding, deleting content and tools in Blackboard.