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MOOC Course - Human Anatomy

MOOC human Anatomy Course
About this course

Human Anatomy is fundamental to every medical and healthcare professional. However, the science of anatomy and effects of stroke are also extremely useful to anyone interested in understanding more about the human body. In this course, you’ll gain an understanding of the basic concepts of anatomy and learn to ‘dissect’ the human body with a logical approach through a typical clinical case of stroke.

The course structure is as follows:

Module 1:

Presentation of a stroke case scenario with a micro movie, case summary and interview with the stroke survivor.

Module 2:

General knowledge of human anatomy related to the stroke case, including organs of important body systems, anatomical orientation, skeletal and muscular system, nervous system and special senses, and cardiovascular and pulmonary system.

Module 3:

Rounding up the course with six healthcare-discipline specific role play videos and lectures given by visiting professors.


What you'll learn

  • Effects of stroke on the human body
  • Anatomy of relevant body systems at gross and histological levels
  • Services provided by healthcare professionals for stroke patients
  • Relevant knowledge of anatomy for application of clinical procedures