LEARN@PolyU Known Issues (for Blackboard Q4 2015 Version)




Course List

My Courses Only Shows the First 99 Alphabetically Listed Courses​
Impact to: Student / Instructor
The My Courses module only shows the first 99 courses alphabetically even though the courses are hidden from Course Module.
Course list known issue​​
At the bottom of the “My Courses” module, please look for the link: “more courses…”. Click on it and search for your courses.
Course list workaround




Words count function in HTML editor is not work for non-English Character

Impact to: Student / Instructor

The word count in the text editor can only recognize English characters but not Chinese characters.

Words Count known Issue


There is no workaround at this moment.


Inconsistent Behavior of Content Editor Paste Button Between Browsers

Impact to: Student / Instructor

The Paste function from the Content Editor toolbar button does not work in Chrome. It does work in Internet Explorer, and there is a browser warning displayed in Firefox.

Copy and Paste Button Issue


User is suggested to use the shortcut to Copy( Ctrl + C ) and Paste ( Ctrl + V )



Cannot receive email from LEARN@PolyU​
Impact to: Students / Instructors
Sometimes when instructors send email through blackboard, the email may be dropped in the recipients’ clutter mailbox in Outlook.
The clutter mailbox is configured by the recipients. Instructors could remind the students to check the clutter mailbox. Users can turn off “Clutter” function manually if this is not necessary. More information about managing the clutter mailbox can be found here.




Error in Survey Reviewed and Statistics Tracking

Impact to: Student / Instructor


When Instructors open the sub menu under a survey item, select the User Progress and try to sort the ‘Visibility’ column, error may occasionally occurs when there are a lot of students in the course.


Error in survey known issue 1


Error in survey known issue 2

Workaround This is identified as a bug from Blackboard Support. (KB.: 000041219). System update will be performed once patch update is announced.




Change the setting of Turnitin Assignment may produce an Internal Server Error – 500

Impact to: Instructor

When an instructor changes the setting (e.g. due date) of a turnitin assignment, a “500 – Internal Server Error” is shown sometimes.

1. Modifying the setting in a turnitin assignment (E.g.: due date)


Turnitin known issue




2. a “500 – Internal server error” may be prompted


Turnitin known issue 2

Workaround Please contact HOTS by 2766 5900 to resume your course content.


Web Folder

Web Folder (WebDAV) not supported by PolyU SSO Login
When users attempt to set up the Web Folder under the Content Collection page, a window pops up requesting username and password. The window will keep prompting even though instructors correctly enter their NetID and Net Password.
1. Setup Web Folder
Web Folder known issue
Cause: There is an internal password in the Blackboard system for each individual which is different from the NetPassword and setting up the Web Folder requires the internal password.
Workaround Please contact HOTS by 2766 5900 to obtain the internal password.




Error of Edit Contents of WIKI Page

Impact: Student / Instructor

Error message “NullPointerException” displays occasionally when editing Wiki content, particularly for complicated and lengthy content.


Wiki page known issue


Reason: This issue is due to the limitation of Safe HTML setup of Blackboard.


Please contact HOTS by 2766 5900 to change the Safe HTML policy in Ad Hoc basis.


Impact to: Student / Instructor