It means the ability to make the learning content meaningful to ourselves.

Suggested Activity 1: Role-Models or Mentors

  • Invite guests to connect with your class to share about the work they do and the impact their work has made to the greater world.
  • Focus more on the experience and impact than the physical reward to help students see that the experience gained is more fufilling than the pay check.
  • Ask students to reflect on which guest(s) or which part of activity really speaks to their heart and explain why.

How can it promote L2L? By going through these processes, students can find elements relevant to themselves, and that connection can inspire them to pursue their personal aspirations.

Suggested Activity 2: 3 Y (Why) Questions

  • Ask students 3 'why' questions and ask them to share their answers in groups:
  • Why might this topic, question, issue matter to me?
  • Why might it matter to my community?
  • Why might it matter to the world?

How can it promote L2L? This activity can be conducted at the beginning of introducing a new topic to help students think about its significance to themselves and why the topic is worth studying.