It means the ability to realise the reason why we learn and see learning as our own duty. 

Suggested Activity 1: Visualise the Learning Goal

  • Ask students to draw a picture that represents why they signed up for your course.
  • Inspire them to consider things other than the fact that they may need the course credits to graduate.
  • If time permits, ask them to share their picture with their sitting neighbours

How can it promote L2L? it fosters a feeling of purpose in students, encourage them to find or create their own learning ambitions.

Suggested Activity 2: K-W-D Chart

  • Ask students to fill in the chart, which can be used to introduce new topics or concepts, or when reading, viewing videos, preparing for guest speakers or going on field trips. It can also be used as a guide for research projects.
  •  K

    List what you already know about the topic.


     List questions about what you don’t know.


     Using your questions as a guide, write all the information you want to know more.


How can it promote L2L? By completing this chart, students understand what they know (K), what they don’t know (D) and what they want to know (W) about a certain topic or issue, which is an effective visual tool to tap into students’ prior knowledge and generate questions that create a purpose for learning.