It means the belief that we can improve and change through learning and training

Suggested Activity 1: Providing Early Success Opportunities

  • Giving early success opportunities is important in subjects which are known as 'gateway' or 'high-rish' subjects
  • Teacher can incorporate early and shorter assignments (e.g. in-class quizz) which account for a small percentage of the final grade but provide a sense of competence and confidence in the semester. 

How can it promote L2L? Expectations for future performance are influenced by previous experiences. Therefore, early success can help students build a sense of completion and a sense of efficacy.

Suggested Activity 2: Allowing Mulitple Attempts

  • When you give students a big assignment, e.g. writing a long essay, ask them to submit a draft for review and feedback before the deadline, e.g. two weeks before the deadline. Only the final submission will be graded. 

How can it promote L2L? Allowing students to submit their assignment two times (or multiple times) lets them see they can have a chance to improve the outcomes with further work.