It means the ability to review our learning process to understand how we learn and explore how we can improve our learning.

 Suggested Activity I: Self-Reflection Exercise

  • At the end of the class, ask students to jot down one thing that they find most diificult to understand and explain why. 
  • At the end of the semester, ask students to do an oral presentation to share their learning experience in your subject or a particular activity, e.g. what things they find interesting and important to them, what things they understand and what not, what they are good at and what not, and propose methods to help them tackle their weaknesses and improve their learning approach and outcomes, etc. 

Suggested Activity 2: ESPI

  • After a class activity, ask your students to form groups of 4 and assign one member to talk about each of these 4 areas: Experience, Struggles, Puzzles and Insights:
    • Experience: reflect on their experience over the acitivty and identify the key actions that moved the work ahead to identify the key steps and choices they toolkd to advance their learning
    • Struggles: eflect on what difficulties they have encontered and what actions they have taken to overcome them
    • Puzzles: identify things they still do not understand after the activity
    • Insights: think about what they have learned about their learning style and approach, what they are good at and what not, and identify things they can and will improve
  • After individual sharing, all members come together, discuss and share their opinions.

More ideas can be found in these PowerPoint slides (link).