PolyU is committed to supporting academic units and frontline teachers to strengthen L2L elements in their programme and subject curriculum via different means. Since 2018, funding has been allocated to support the following projects to experiment approaches, develop activities and reseources, and conduct studies for L2L development.

 Project Scale Project Title Project Leader(s)


Development of cross-disciplinary contextualized teaching and learning strategies for cultivating students’ “learning to learn” capability 

SK Tang (BEEE)
Kevinia Cheung (EDC)


Exploring the effectiveness of adaptive self-regulation in e-learning among Chinese nursing students

E. Angela Chan (SN)


Strengthening the ‘learning to learn’ element in the discipline-specific requirement subjects

Kenneth Tam (EDC)
Kevinia Cheung (EDC)


A real-life working setting to help design students learn to learn

KC Tsang (SD)


Aspiration: examining the effectiveness of the learning to learn training package on University teaching and learning

Jessica Li (APSS)


Learn to learn in the interdisciplinary way with the theme “Youth Innovation and Entrepreneurship”

Eddie Lam (CEE)


Application of problem-based learning (PBL) for senior year students in occupational therapy undergraduate curriculum

Kenneth Fong (RS)