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Critical Acclaim Awards

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Guidelines and Information

info Introduction

The Learning to Learn (L2L) Community of Practice (CoP) is organising the L2L Video Contest. It invites students and teachers to create short videos to share their insights and discoveries with a view to helping others to become better learners. The L2L Video Contest will take place over the course of March to May 2022.

goal Objectives

Through this event, we hope to:

  1. promote engagement and student-teacher partnership in L2L;
  2. generate a wealth of short videos to help students become better learners; and
  3. create a learning community in which members support each other’s development through collaboration, sharing and exchanges.

eligibility Eligibility

All students and teachers of PolyU are welcome to take part in this contest. Participation can be individual or in team (up to 3 members per team). Students and teachers are encouraged to form teams together (not that it matters, but this will get you bonus points for the grand prizes).

join How to Join?

Create a short video to share something (stories, experiences, insights, tips, strategies, habits, tools, resources, etc.) that can help others to become better learners. Submit the video via the L2L Video Contest Blackboard site by 8 April 2022.

(Note: You will need to self-enrol to the Blackboard course to submit a video.)

tick Entry Requirements

A video entry must be submitted under one of the three categories (each individual/team can submit one video for each category):

  1. Category 1: Stories & experiencesSharing of inspirational stories, experiences and insights (Enter for the ‘Most Inspiring Video’ Awards)
  2. Category 2: Tips & strategiesSharing of effective learning strategies, tips, habits, etc. (Enter for the ‘Most Creative Video’ Awards)
  3. Category 3: Tools & resourcesIntroduction of useful learning tools and resources (Enter for the ‘Most Useful Video’ Awards)

To qualify for the contest, a video entry must meet the following requirements:

  • Originality: It must be an original work of the entrant(s).
  • Content: Relevant to learning to learn (find out more in the Appendix to this document)
  • Title: In English, max. 10 words
  • Narration: In the participant’s own voice and in English
  • Length: 30 Seconds – 3 Minutes
  • File Format: .mp4 or .mov

A video will be disqualified if it contains:

  • Copyrighted/unlicensed materials
  • Offensive language
  • Inappropriate or illegal contents

award Awards and Judging Criteria

There are three types of awards: Learners’ Choice Awards, Critical Acclaim Awards, and Best Video Awards. Each contains several awards as follows:

 Learner's Choice Awards 
   - Most Popular Video     Decided by public votes   
   - Most Inspiring Video (Gold, Silver, Bronze)
   - Most Creative Video (Gold, Silver, Bronze)
   - Most Useful Video (Gold, Silver, Bronze)
 Critical Acclaim Awards 
   - Best Interpretation     Decided by the Judging Panel
   - Best Message Delivery
   - Best Artistic Appeal
   - Best Production
 Best Video Awards (Gold, Silver, Bronze)     Based on public votes and the Judging Panel's ratings


prizes Prizes and Lucky Draws

Each qualified entry will get a reward for participation (either an Apple Store $300 gift card or a ParknShop $300 coupon). For the winners of the contest:

 Best Video Entry (Gold)

 Gold: MacBook Air, AirPods Max and $3,000 cash prize
 Silver:  iPhone 13 Pro, Apple Watch and $2,000 cash prize 
 Bronze: 12.9' iPad Pro and $2,000 cash prize

 Most Popular Video  iPhone 13
 Most Inspiring Video

 Gold: 11' iPad Pro 
 Silver: iPad mini
 Bronze: AirPods (3rd generationi)  

 Most Creative Video
 Most Useful Video
 Critical Acclaim Awards  11' iPad Pro

There will be a token of appreciation for the voters too. The first 100 voters will get a $50 ParknShop coupon. For every 100 voters, there will be a lucky draw to give away a $100 ParknShop coupon.

vote How to Vote for Your Favourite Video?

The qualified videos will be made available to PolyU students and staff through a secured online platform on 1 April 2022 for viewing and voting. The links for viewing the videos and for voting will be published on this website and the L2L CoP website. The voting period ends on 22 April 2022.

announce Announcement of Results

The results will be announced on this wevsite and the L2L CoP website in mid-May 2022. The winners will be informed by email. An award ceremony and prize presentation will be held in early June. (Note: The exact dates will be announced in due course.)

question Enquiries

Contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


attention Notes on copyright: By submitting a video for the contest, the entrants grant PolyU an unrestricted royalty-free licence to use, edit, display, distribute, and/or broadcast the submitted work in part or in entirety through any channel/medium for any purpose.

attention Notes on terms and conditions: The organising party reserves the rights to amend the terms and conditions presented in this document without prior notice and to make the final decision in case of disputes.