In the PolyU's Strategic Plan 2019/20 - 2024/25, learning to learn (L2L) is stipulated as the first strategic priority to enhance the student learning experience.


Since the dissemination of the PolyU Strategic Plan 2019/20 - 2024/25, a number of activities have been conducted to generate the following outcomes to ensure the implementation of this important strategic prority:

  • a L2L model and framework to guide the L2L development for the whole PolyU community
  • Departmental L2L Strategy to guide departments to strengthen the integration of L2L elements into the programme curriculum
  • teaching development projects to experiment approaches and develop resources for developing and enhancing students' L2L capabilities at different levels
  • briefing sessions, workshops and consultations to increase the teaching capacity of faculty members in developing students' L2L capabilities
  • a community of practice to engage faculty members and students in discussing L2L and building knowledge of L2L through sharing experience and ideas
  • orientation sessions for First-Year students to increase their awareness and recognition of the importance and benefits of L2L