Advanced Features

Change style and theme

You can customise the module’s look and feel by changing options for the following:

  • Module Theme
  • Module Structure
  • Menu Style
  • Layout
  • Content Appearance
  • Module Entry Point
  • Banner Image

This guide explains how to change these settings.

1. Enter your module.

2. Under the Module Management control panel select Customisation and then Look and Feel.


3. Here, you can change the Module Entry Point. When someone enters the module the first area that will appear is the one selected. Click on the drop down menu and choose a different entry point if you wish.


4. You then can select a visual theme that will be applied to the module. Under ‘Select Module Theme’, click to select your preferred choice. Selecting a theme does not affect your content or module structure. You can change the theme at any time by clicking on theChange Module Theme button Advanced_Features_change_style_and_theme3 at the top right of the module and a drop down list of themes will appear. Click on a theme and it’ll take immediate effect.


5. Your next step is choosing your Menu Style. This allows the user to either see the menu as Text or as Buttons. Above the selection you will notice a preview of the menu.

A. If your preferred choice is text, click on the Text option button and select the Background Colour and Text Colour using the drop down arrows. Remember to select a colour that will display a high level of contrast to ensure readability and accessibility.


B. If your preferred choice is Buttons then click on the Buttons option button and a range of different buttons will show. Using the top drop down menus you can choose Button Type which range from Pattern, Solid and Striped. You can also choose the Button Shape.


6. Finally, it’s possible to change the module’s banner image. Click on the Browse My Computer button to select a file. Recommended image size is 480 by 80 pixels. Due to re-sizing of browser windows and monitor variations, it will be cropped if the banner exceeds the width of the page. You may want to speak to the Marketing Service if you would like to have a banner designed.


7. Click on Submit.


8. Your new structure and theme will take immediate effect.
Smart View

Create Smart View in Grade Centre:

1. Navigate to Grade Centre under Control Panel and click on Full Grade Centre


2. Move on the Manage button and click on Smart View


3. Click Create Smart View to add new item


4. Input the name and select the criteria accordingly (User can create the criteria based on Group, User Performance, Membership, Categories,etc.)


5. Click on Submit to create a smart view item

Note: If you add the existing item as favourite by clicking on the star button, it will appear on the left panel under tab Grade Centre