The Partner State Key Lab of Chirosciences at PolyU’s Department of Applied Biology and Chemical Technology has discovered a newly emerged superbug, Klebsiella pneumoniae, which is hyper-resistant and hypervirulent, posing enormous threat to human health.
Prof. Kaye Chon was bestowed an international accolade in recognition of his achievements in promoting an innovative approach to hospitality and tourism education.
A look back at PolyU's support work after Yunnan Ludian earthquake

Prof. Angelina Yuen, Vice President (Student and Global Affairs), shared PolyU's dedicated efforts in reconstruction and disaster prevention in post-quake Yunnan in the past few years.
A research team led by Prof. Daniel Shek conducted two longitudinal studies to explore the well-being development and academic adjustment of secondary school students against societal and academic structure changes.

The celebratory events of PolyU’s 80th anniversary continue throughout the year, bringing together influential higher education figures, renowned scholars, community leaders, industry partners, alumni and students from across the globe for this joyous occasion.
The International Summer School has brought together PolyU's and international students for a memorable journey of exchange.