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PolyU-developed space tool starts lunar exploration

PolyU-developed space tool starts lunar exploration

The Camera Pointing System jointly developed by PolyU researchers and China Academy of Space Technology (CAST) has successfully landed on the moon’s surface on 14 December following the launch of Chang’e-3 lunar probe. The System has come into operation for lunar exploration in the next day. It is deployed for capturing images of the moon as well as movement of the rover released from the lander of Chang’e-3.

Joining this historical mission is Prof. Yung Kai-leung, Associate Head of PolyU’s Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering, who is also an expert member appointed by China National Space Administration's Lunar Exploration Programme Centre for the third phase of China's lunar exploration programme. Ir Robert W.M. Tam, Associate Director of PolyU’s Industrial Centre, is one of his team members.

In addition, the innovative lunar mapping techniques and products developed by Dr Wu Bo, Assistant Professor of the Department of Land Surveying and Geo-Informatics and his team, have been deployed in the topographical analysis and landing site selection of Chang’e-3, which has contributed to the success of the moon landing mission. Details>>



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