Project Description

The extension of Jockey Club Age-friendly City project aims to sustain the achievement of the Ambassador Scheme. 3 ambassador training sessions would be organized to strengthen ambassadors’ knowledge and experience related to age-friendly city and maintain the ambassador network. Ambassadors’ opinions and aspiration of Infusion Age-friendly City Education (IAFCE) activities would also be gathered in the process. To promote the integration of age-friendly city education into the formal curricula of different disciplines, the project will collaborate with academic champions from 5 different disciplines to plan and infuse IAFCE activities into their formal curricula that facilitates intergenerational interaction between Age-friendly City ambassadors and PolyU students.


Project Objectives




 Funded by The Hong Kong Jockey Club Charities Trust


Project Duration 

Jan 2022 to Jun 2023


Activity Highlights


Dr. Bai Xue delivered Welcoming Speech (APSS)



Positive interaction between AFC ambassadors and students in the group activities (MM & ABCT)

JCAFC1.png   JCAFC2.png


Ice-breaking activity between AFC ambassadors and students (APSS)



AFC ambassadors learnt the vision screening techniques during the lab session  (SO)



AFC ambassadors shared opinions during the nutrition workshop (ABCT)