Master of Science in Data Science and Analytics
(Programme Code: 63027-DFM / 63027-DPM)
Subject Code Subject Title  
AMA502 Operations Research Methods  
AMA505 Optimization Methods  
AMA506 Graphs and Networks  
AMA507 Mathematical Modelling for Science and Technology  
AMA514A Applied Linear Models  
AMA515A Forecasting and Applied Time Series Analysis  
AMA523 Optimal Control with Management Science Applications  
AMA524 Scientific Computing  
AMA527 Decision Analysis  
AMA528 Probability and Stochastic Models  
AMA529 Statistical Inference  
AMA531 Loss Models and Risk Analysis  
AMA532 Investment Science  
AMA541 Simulation and Risk Analysis  
AMA542 Advanced Operations Research Methods  
AMA544 Multiā€criteria Optimization  
AMA546 Statistical Data Mining  
AMA563 Principles of Data Science  
AMA564 Deep Learning  
AMA565 Advanced High Dimensional Data Analysis  
AMA566 Advanced Topics in High Frequency Trading  
AMA567 Quantum Computing for Data Science  
COMP5112 Data Structures and Database Systems  
COMP5152 Advanced Data Analytics  
COMP5434 Big Data Computing  
COMP5511 Artificial Intelligence Concepts