Webinar : Student Sharing Session: Lessons Taught, Lessons Learned


Title: Student Sharing Session: Lessons Taught, Lessons Learned
Date: 25 February 2020, Tuesday
Time: 12:30 – 13:30
Venue: Online
Facilitators: Adam Forrester (ELC) Jessica Xia (ELC) Josie Csete (EDC)

Join us for the second in our series of sharing sessions, in which colleagues from across PolyU share examples of best practice in online teaching.

This session is an opportunity for teachers to learn how to improve the online experience from students. Students will share their perspectives on what worries them about being an online learner, the types of challenges they have encountered as well as what teachers have done that has made online learning easier for them.

Join us on Tuesday 25 February, from 12:30-1:30pm for our online webinar on “Student Sharing Session: Lessons Taught, Lessons Learned”:

1. Go to the link https://polyu.hk/EFzBv

2. Log in using your PolyU NetID.

3. Just before the start time, click on "Student Sharing Session: Lessons Taught, Lessons Learned" and then click Join session.

If you wish to ask questions, type them into the chat box during the session. Please note that Collaborate Ultra works best with Chrome, Firefox or Safari.

If you're new to Blackboard Collaborate Ultra, this link might be useful: https://help.blackboard.com/Collaborate/Ultra/Participant/Get_Started 

For a more detailed guide to the platform, please read http://tiny.cc/0rhjgz