Extended/Hybrid Classroom Training: Information Sharing Session: How to Conduct “Extended Classrooms” Effectively (Updated)

Title: How to Conduct “Extended Classrooms” Effectively (Updated)
Date: 23 June 2020, Tuesday
Time: 12:30-13:30
Venue: Online / N103 (limited seats)
Facilitators: Dr. Eric Tsui, Mitesh Patel (EDC)

Delivering classes with in-person and online students simultaneously is exciting but also challenging as these two groups of learners have vastly different learning environments. This information sharing session will reveal many such common issues and shed light on how to address them to deliver a refreshing learning experience to all.

Announcement on "Extended Classroom" in the summer semester:

For online session, please
1. Go to the link https://polyu.hk/EFzBv

2. Log in using your PolyU NetID.

3. Just before the start time, click on "How to Conduct “Extended Classrooms” Effectively" and then click Join session.

If you're new to Blackboard Collaborate Ultra, this link might be useful: https://help.blackboard.com/Collaborate/Ultra/Participant/Get_Started 

This information sharing session is also delivered in the "Extended Classroom" mode so attendees can choose to join the session face to face or online via Blackboard Collaborate. 

Given the prevailing social distancing measures imposed, classrooms can only be used up to maximum 50% capacity therefore in-person attendance is limited. 

Please ensure you register if you would like to attend in-person as you will not be admitted once the maximum seating capacity of the room is reached. A confirmatory message will be sent to you if you are allocated a seat to attend.

For in person session, please

Register at: https://edc.polyu.edu.hk/regform

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