Course removal and archiving policy for the management of the Learning Management System – LEARN@PolyU (理學網)


The Learning and Teaching Committee sends a message to all staff with teaching duties at the beginning of each academic year as a reminder of the importance of compliance with the copyright law. The Intellectual Property Department of the Government of Hong Kong Special Administrative Region issued a booklet -- Copyright in Education in Hong Kong – which specifies that any work should only be stored in a platform that requires authentication for a period of time which is just long enough for the intended teaching or learning purpose. The maximum allowed period is 12 months. In order to comply with the copyright law, the university has decided to adopt an archiving model allowing teachers and students access to their Blackboard course materials for up to one academic year (12 months).

Based on the understanding of the copyright law, the Working Group on Development and Operation of eLearning devised an archiving policy to support an automatic process to facilitate the archiving operation (in order to help teachers to deal with the copyright issues).

​Policy on the use of technology-enhanced active learning approaches in large classes
The policy paper from the Learning and Teaching Committee (LTC) can be downloaded here.
Technology-Enhanced Active Learning Selected Examples (Extracted from Policy Appendix)
1.       Participatory or interactive lectures
  • Teachers can provide interactive lectures with the use of Clickers (Student Response System) for the students to participate actively in the classroom. Students can answer the questions related to educational content with their mobile devices. The results can be showed immediately to the class on screen. Further analysis and elaboration can then facilitate the teaching and learning.
o   Example from the Clickers Project- APSS111 Introduction to Psychology class:
  • Tools: