We plan to achieve the following objectives through this CoP:

  1. Recruit more faculty members and students to join this CoP;
  2. Gain buy-in to develop students’ ability of learning to learn to help them become better learners; 
  3. Enhance faculty members’ and students’ understanding of the learning to learn principles and concepts;
  4. Build faculty members’ capacity of incorporating the learning to learn principles and concepts into the curriculum and pedagogical designs for creating a learning environment conducive to effective learning;
  5. Conduct activities for faculty members and students to share experience, difficulties, tips, opinions, ideas and information related to the topic;
  6. Provide opportunities and channels (e.g. symposium and exhibition) for faculty members to disseminate and showcase their experience and outcomes of their practice in developing students’ ability to learn to learn and for students to demonstrate their learning achievements; and
  7. Set up a repertoire of experience and good practice cases of developing the ability to learn to learn.