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Twiddla: team whiteboarding

Twiddla: team whiteboarding

Twiddla is a useful and simple online collaboration tool that you might like to try with your students. It’s website says: “It’s browser-agnostic, user friendly, and probably more fun than you’re supposed to be having at work.”

Twiddla has been recommended by one of our current BOT participants, Mimi Li from SHTM, who says:

“Twiddla allows many guests and users to be connected to a single whiteboard in order to share ideas and collaborate. With the ability to upload images, embed video such as YouTube, and upload files for sharing the team can be more efficient in discussing the matter at hand.

I used it this summer for my undergraduate course with 40+ students to discuss Michael Porter’s five force analysis. The students enjoyed it, and they were very active in the discussion!”

If you want to check it out see:

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