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Active Learning with Clickers in APSS

Active Learning with Clickers in APSS

Applied Psychology and Social Science (APSS) lecturers, Kevin Chan and Indie Chung,  are breaking new ground with making big lectures engaging and interactive. They are using “Clickers”, otherwise known as Personal Response Systems (PRS), to get students to respond to questions in class.

Students may use their own mobile devices such as smart phones or tablets or can be provided with a dedicated keypad using Turning Point software. This is proving to be a great success and students love it.

Kevin and Indie are also making good use of Blackboard to integrate this experience with online participation outside class time with Reflective Journals, Online Discussion, In-House Inspirational Video, Auxiliary Video Resources from External Sources, and a Quiz Exercise.

A special event was held in November 2012 to showcase this blended learning experience for the 4-year curriculum classes APSS Introductory Psychology Series.

Prior to the main event the Head of EDC, Dr. Angela Ho, presented to the Head of APSS, Prof. James Lee, an iPad for winning the second EDC LMS Survey lucky draw.

Clickers Event2

  1. Adam says:

    Anyone using socrative?

  2. Pascal says:

    Dear Colleague,
    I would like more information about the achievement of APSS…to access the PRS ?

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