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Dev 2013

Implementation of Programme Learning Outcomes Assessment Plan (P-LOAP) for Taught Postgraduate Programmes
An official paper on the implementation of Programme Learning Outcomes Plan (P-LOAP) for taught postgraduate (TPg) programmes was disseminated today by Prof Chetwyn Chan, Associate Vice President (Learning and Teaching), Chairman of Learning & Teaching Committee and Chairman of Working Group on Outcome-Based Education.



Nov 2010

Call for proposals: New earmarked funding for implementing OBE now available for application
UGC has allocated $4 million for the next two years, 2011 and 2012, to support OBE implementation projects of various scales. Proposals on relevant projects are now invited.



May 2010

Programme Learning Outcomes Assessment Plans (P-LOAPs) Available at the OBE Website
All departments have developed P-LOAPs for all of their undergraduate programmes according to the action plan laid down by the LTC and the P-LOAPs have been endorsed by respective Faculty Boards before submission to VP(AD).

The P-LOAPs were reviewed by the WGOBE at the 26th meeting. Key issues and good practices identified in the review were returned to the departments for improvement of future P-LOAPs. The WGOBE agreed that the P-LOAPs should be shared to promote sharing of good practice. Now, the P-LOAPs have been uploaded to the OBE website and are available here.

Sept 2009

OBE Website for Students Launched
EDC has launched a website ( to help students learn better at PolyU and become preferred graduates with professional competence and all-round abilities.

The website is split into 4 focuses and patrons will find information of:

1) employers' expectations on students' competence
2) alumni's experience in their jobs
3) tips on how to learn better
4) tools that help students to be professionally competent
5) services that help students develop all-round abilities

For any inquiries, please contact Dr Angela Ho by phone at 2766 6282 or email



Sept 2008

Two Pilot Projects on Learning Assessment for Institutional Learning Outcomes Assessment Commenced
In supporting the institution-level learning outcomes assessment for collecting campus-wide data and evidence that measure the effectiveness of the University in achieving its broader educational mission and intended graduate outcomes, two small-scale pilot projects have been set up to develop and try out more authentic methods of assessing students' attainment of the institutional learning outcomes at the institutional and programme levels.



Apr 2008

Learning Outcome Assessment Plan been decided for PolyU
Assessment of student learning outcomes is an integral part of OBE and the development and implementation of the Learning Outcomes Assessment Plan (LOAP) is one of the strategic goals of the forthcoming Strategic Plan of the University for 2008-12. The Learning and Teaching Committee (LTC) has now decided on the policy regarding the LOAP for PolyU for 2008-12.

Apr 2008

A website to help orientate students for OBE is being conceived
After the launch of the OBE website for teachers, EDC is building an OBE website for students. The main objective of the student website is to help students aware of the learning outcomes of their programmes and subjects, to use the outcomes to guide their study, to understand the role as active independent learners, and to appreciate the variety of learning activities thoughtfully designed by their teachers.

Jan 2008

OBE website now available
A comprehensive website has been developed by EDC to support the implementation of outcome-based approaches to teaching, learning and assessment in PolyU.

Dev 2007

Call for proposals: Earmarked funding for implementing OBE now available for application
Senior management has allocated $10 million for the Academic Year 2007-08 to support OBE implementation projects of various scales. Proposals on relevant projects are now invited.

Dev 2007

4-year undergraduate degree structure endorsed by Senate embodies the outcome-based approach
Senate has recently endorsed the Proposal for the PolyU's 4-year undergraduate degree structure prepared by the Working Group on the 4-Year Undergraduate Degree Structure.

Dev 2007

FENG invites OBE consultant Ira Jacobson
FENG invited Professor Ira Jacobson for a 5-week consultation visit at the Faculty, to provide guidance to teachers of FENG departments in devising sustainable implementation plans for developing an outcome-based system as required by the Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology (ABET).



Aug 2007

Measuring all-round development: Self-Assessment of All-Round Development (SAARD)
Under the auspices of LTC, SAO and EDC join-ventured in developing a new questionnaire for measuring generic competencies. The resulting instrument - SAARD - promises to measure a range of 14 generic competencies including those described in the University's strategic objective 1.1.

Jun 2007

OBE consultant Tony Williams invited in FCLU
Prof Tony Williams of The University of Newcastle made a second visit to FCLU from 4th to 9th June 2007 to review the progress of the implementation of outcome-based education (OBE).

Jun 2007

Senior Management allocates funding to give impetus to the development of OBE in PolyU
Senior Management has committed funding to support colleagues to implement outcome-based approaches successfully. The first round of funding of HK$5 millions was distributed in June to support Departments and Schools in carrying out their action plans regarding implementation of OBE.

May 2007

VP(AD) urges Departments and Schools to include OBE in Business Plan
Professor Suleyman Demokan VP(AD) wrote to Heads of Department and Directors of Schools to urge them to include action plans for the implementation of outcome-based education in the coming business plans for 2007-08.

Apr 2007

UGC sets up Quality Assurance Council (QAC) and releases Audit Manual
Under the aegis of UGC, the Quality Assurance Council (QAC) was established this April. As a semi-autonomous body under the UGC, the QAC will start, from the academic year 2007-08, a new round of quality assurance audits on UGC-funded institutions, which replaces the existing Teaching and Learning Quality Process Review (TLQPR). The Audit Manual can be downloaded from the QAC website.

Mar 2007

PolyU forms the Working Group on Outcome-Based Education to steer OBE development in PolyU
A Working Group on Outcome-Based Education (WGOBE) is formed under Vice President (Academic Development) to steer, promote and monitor the implementation of outcome-based education across the University.

Feb 2007

PolyU appoints Faculty/School Champions in OBE
To encourage ownership of the development of outcome-based education in individual Faculties/ Schools, PolyU has appointed senior academics as OBE Champions in each Faculty/School upon nominations from their Faculty Deans/School Directors.

Oct 2006

New Student Feedback Questionnaire (SFQ) designed to align with outcome-based education and criterion-referenced assessment
In line with the university's adoption of the outcome-based curriculum and criterion-referenced assessment starting this triennium, the Learning and Teaching Committee (LTC) has designed a new Faculty-based Student Feedback Questionnaire (SFQ) with the focus shifted from students' perception of teachers' performance to teachers' facilitation to their attainment of learning outcomes. The New Faculty-based SFQ started to be implemented university-wide in 2006/07.



Apr 2006

LTC is in the process of developing an institutional plan for learning outcomes assessment
Learning and Teaching Committee (LTC) has invited the Working Group on Outcome-Based Education (WGOBE) to consider and make recommendations regarding the formulation and implementation of an institutional student learning outcomes assessment plan for PolyU.

Apr 2006

Second visit of UGC consultant on learning outcomes - Peter Ewell pays a visit to PolyU
Dr. Peter Ewell, the UGC consultant appointed on outcome-based approaches to student learning, paid a second visit to Hong Kong in April 2006 to solicit views from PolyU on the plan, direction and strategies for introducing outcome-based education to the higher education sector in Hong Kong. Dr. Ewell visited PolyU on 26 April.

Dev 2005

PolyU's OBE Symposium attracts a wide audience
Representatives from all eight local universities as well as a good number of PolyU staff attended the OBE Symposium this December, in which UGC representative, international experts, as well as speakers from PolyU shared their views and experiences of OBE.

Dev 2005

Visit of OBE consultants Dr. Mary Allen and Dr. David Baume
UGC has recently started to promote the outcome-based approach to student learning in the higher education sector. PolyU's OBE development has entered the implementation phase. Under the auspices of LTC, EDC invited two international experts - Dr. Mary Allen and Dr. David Baume - for a 4-day consultancy visit at PolyU between 13-16 December 2005 to bring international perspectives and good practices in OBE to colleagues.

Nov 2005

Dr. Peter Ewell, UGC consultant on Student Learning Outcomes, visited PolyU
UGC commissioned Dr. Peter Ewell, the Vice President of the National Center for Higher Education Management Systems in US, to conduct a consultancy study on implementing outcome-based approach in Hong Kong. Dr. Ewell made his first visit to Hong Kong in late November to exchange views with the institutions and visited PolyU on 29 November 2005.

Sept 2005

Work-Integrated Education launches to develop all-round graduates with professional competence
As stipulated in Curriculum Revision, starting from the triennium 2005-08, the requirements of Work-Integrated Education (WIE) are made mandatory so that all full-time UGC-funded undergraduate programmes have to include a WIE component which is credit bearing.



Jun 2005

Endorsement of outcome-based programme documents completed
PolyU has passed the first milestone on the campaign for outcome-based education. The endorsement process of all programme and subject documents, which were revised to reflect an outcome-based approach, is completed.

May 2005

Guidelines published by LTC in support of the implementation of criterion-referenced assessment from 2005/06
In connection with the revision of assessment policy approved in November 2004, official guidelines have been published by LTC this month to facilitate the implementation of criterion-referenced assessment (CRA), which is expected to be effective in the coming academic year.

Sept 2004

Curriculum Revision in full swing
All departments are taking serious actions in reviewing their programmes for outcome-based education. A Curriculum Revision website and a Curriculum Revision Resource Book as well as other resources have been put up by EDC to support the revision process. A large number of short courses and workshops have also been scheduled to help colleagues obtain a clear picture of the initiative and guide them through the necessary actions involved. Things are in full swing.



May 2004

PolyU embarks on a curriculum revision for an outcome-based education
PolyU is taking a major strategic initiative to revise the curricula of its academic programmes for an outcome-based education for the purpose of enhancing the quality of student learning, and has pledged this development in the Academic Development Proposals for the Triennium 2005-08.

Feb 2004

VP(AD) flags the importance of learning outcomes in an EDC Assessment Forum
In the open forum Aligning Teaching and Assessment with Intended Learning Outcomes in PolyU Programmes, Vice President (Academic Development) Professor Philip Yeung told the audience that PolyU programmes need to take on a more outcome-oriented approach in curriculum design, to strengthen the alignment of both pedagogy and assessment with intended learning outcomes.

Feb 2004

Visit of consultant on assessment - Dr. Peggy Maki
The alignment of teaching and assessment with intended learning outcomes has been identified in the TLQPR report on PolyU as one of the major foci of work to improve learning and teaching in the University. In response to this, EDC, under the auspices of LTC, has invited an internationally renowned consultant on assessment, Dr. Peggy Maki, to visit PolyU from 2 to 13 February