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New management personnel appointed


New management personnel appointed

PolyU confers University Fellowship

The Chief Executive Mr Donald Tsang, in his capacity as Chancellor of PolyU, recently announced the appointment of Executive Councillor Ms Marjorie Yang Mun-tak as PolyU Council Chairman with effect from 1 January 2010. Ms Yang will succeed Mr Victor Lo, upon completion of his six years of service at the PolyU Council. Details>>

PolyU also announced the candidates appointed to fill its five top management positions on 25 November. Following these appointments, the new senior management structure under the presidency of Professor Timothy W. Tong, who assumed office in January this year, will gradually be in place. The new structure, together with redefined roles and responsibilities for various key posts, will cater more effectively for PolyU’s development needs.

Professor Philip Chan Ching-ho, immediate past Dean of Engineering at the University of Science and Technology, has been appointed as the Provost to lead in the overall planning, development and operation of the University’s academic enterprise.

Mr Nicholas Yang, currently Chief Executive Officer of the Hong Kong Cyberport Management Company Limited, has been appointed as the Executive Vice President to oversee the University’s non-academic enterprise.

Professor Judy Tsui, currently Associate Vice President, Dean of the Faculty of Business, Director of the Graduate School of Business and Chair Professor of Accounting, will assume the post of Vice President (Marketing, Internationalisation and Advanced Executive Development).

Professor Angelina Yuen, currently Associate Vice President and Head of the Department of Applied Social Science, will assume the post of Vice President (Institutional Advancement and Partnership).

Professor Walter Yuen, Professor of Mechanical Engineering at the University of California, Santa Barbara, and Strategic Task Specialist of PolyU, will assume the post of Vice President (Academic Development).

The new senior management structure also includes a Vice President (Management). Professor Thomas K.S. Wong has been appointed to the post in April 2009.

The commencement date of the above five new appointments will be in spring / summer of 2010, taking into consideration of the movement of the existing team.

Mr Alexander Tzang, currently Deputy President, will retire at the end of this year, while Professor Suleyman Demokan, Vice President (Academic Development), Professor Jan-ming Ko, Vice President (Special Duties) and Dr Sun-wing Lui, Vice President (Partnership Development), will retire in mid 2010. Professor Albert Chan, Vice President (Research Development), will take up the Presidency of Hong Kong Baptist University in July next year. Recruitment of his replacement is currently underway.

"Professor Chan, Professor Demokan, Professor Ko, Dr Lui and Mr Tzang have made immense contributions to the development of PolyU over the years. Their hard works have been instrumental in setting the University on its way and in bringing the success it enjoys today,” said President Tong.

"I have confidence that with the expertise and commitment of the new senior management team, PolyU will continue to do well with its mission of achieving excellence in a professional context and will bring the University to its next level of excellence,” President Tong added. Details>>


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