"Joyful@Healthy Workplace" - Rouliqiu Workshop 「好心情@健康工作間」- 柔力球工作坊



PolyU has received the Joyful@Healthy Workplace Best Practices Award - Grand Award and Innovative Measures Award of Occupational Health Award 2018-19 organized by Occupational Safety and Health Council this March. To keep on promoting physical activity and enhancing mental health and occupational health on campus, HSEO will organize a Rouliqiu Workshop.


Rouliqiu is a new aerobic activity that combines the essence of Tai Chi, tennis and badminton together. Coach from Hong Kong Rouliqiu Association will be invited to introduce and teach basic skills of this new sport which help participants to stretch and strengthen the muscles of shoulder, neck, waist and leg.





Dress Code:

24 Jun 2019 (Monday)

1:00 – 2:00 p.m. (registration starts at 12:50 p.m.)

Kwong On Jubilee Sports Centre

25 max. including staff and students