1. Components of Term Paper
  1. Guidelines for Preliminaries
  1. Guidelines for Text
  1. Guidelines for Reference Materials (English)
  1. Guidelines for Reference Materials (Chinese)
  1. Further Readings
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Guidelines for Term Paper Writing: Elements and documentation

          2. Guidelines for Preliminaries  

2.1 Title Page

A title page contains:

  1. the title of your paper
  2. your name and student number
  3. the course name and code,
  4. the instructor's name
  5. the due date

2.2. Abstract

An abstract is a brief summary of the main ideas of your term paper usually in about 100 to 200 words. The main elements are as follows:

  1. a short statement of your research nature or subject
  2. a brief description of your general theoretical approach and research methods
  3. a short summary of your main arguments and research findings

2.3. Table of Contents

A table of contents provides an analytical outline of your paper with the sequence of your presentation. A table of contents should list out:

  1. the heading of every division of the paper
  2. the subheadings of every subsection within the divisions (if any)
  3. page number for every division and subsection
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