Global Network

Academic Collaboration

In this globalization era, PolyU is weaving a growing and effective network in the world which further facilitates its education and research development, as well as enhances its academic and cultural exchanges. The University has done a significant amount of work on internationalization, and has strengthened its establishments on the Chinese mainland.

The number of collaborative projects mounts over 1,100, ranging from student exchange to staff training, joint research, academic programme collaboration, conferences, consultancy projects and student placement.

Details are available from the Chinese Mainland Affairs Office and International Affairs Office websites.

PolyU has been dedicated to creating a global environment conducive to the development of increasingly diverse student and faculty communities. To enhance the University’s internationalization efforts, a high-level International Advisory Board, with prominent leaders from academia, professional communities and the business sector as Board Members, was set up in 2010. The Board provides international perspectives to the discussion of strategic priorities and development imperatives at PolyU.

For more information, please visit the website of our International Advisory Board.

International Strategic Technology Alliance (ISTA)

ISTA is an alliance integrating the expertise of 27 institution members from the Chinese mainland, the UK and the US to promote applied research and consultancy services on an international scale that benefit both the institutions and the society at large.

With a view to synergizing the research capabilities of top tertiary institutes in China and the world, ISTA provides the industry sector with diversified and competitive technology, product and technological consultancy services. This will facilitate the development of various industries, while at the same time, promote their partnership with ISTA members.

Network in the Chinese mainland

Over the years, PolyU has developed a strong network in the mainland through six establishments and partnership with some 350 institutes and organizations. The six establishments are: outpost centres in Hangzhou and Xi’an, established collaboration with Zhejiang University and Xi’an Jiaotong University respectively; the Institute for Disaster Management and Reconstruction in Sichuan, established in collaboration with Sichuan University; liaison offices at Peking University in Beijing and Tongji University in Shanghai; and the PolyU Shenzhen Base for commercialisation, training and research.

In relation to the nation’s “One Belt One Road” development strategy, PolyU and Xi’an Jiaotong University formed the Universities Alliance of the New Silk Road (UANSR) in May 2015 with the support of the Shaanxi Government. This initiative has attracted more than 150 universities from over 30 countries along the New Silk Road to work together and develop bilateral or multilateral cooperation agreements under the UANSR umbrella. Since then, PolyU has organized a Silk Road Youth Leadership programme for students to engage in educational trips to Eurasian countries and regions. Also expanding to Eurasian countries is the Silk Road International Summer School, which provides opportunities for students to study Chinese history and culture through lectures and field trips. PolyU and Xi’an Jiaotong University jointly set up The Silk Road International School of Engineering in 2017 to enhance university-industry collaboration for nurturing Belt and Road talents. In 2018, PolyU launched the “Belt and Road Cross-Professional Advancement Programme” for providing cross platforms for local professionals and business leaders in Hong Kong and the Mainland to explore market opportunities.

For more information, please visit the website of our Chinese Mainland Affairs Office.

Student Exchange Programmes

PolyU full-time students will have the opportunity to take part in the Student Exchange Programme, both to experience a different culture and to enhance their language ability.

In 2017/18, over 650 PolyU students spent one or two semesters at one of the University’s 230 exchange partner institutions across 37 countries. The University also welcomed over 650 students from more than 50 countries and regions. The campus has been enriched by the students’ diverse cultures. In addition, some 85 PolyU students went on exchanges in the Chinese mainland and Taiwan and the University received nearly 240 students from these places.

PolyU offers financial assistance to needy students which can cover up to 50% of the travel, accommodation and subsistence costs so that every student who wants to study one term or even an academic year at a non-local university has the opportunity to do so.

Latest information about the exchange programmes is available from the website of:

Figure on student exchange programmes

PolyU builds strong university network with exchange partner and forms academic alliance to enhance academic collaboration

University partnership can bring together the strengths of both tertiary institutions in research, technology development and application, and last but not least, education in nurturing future generations. PolyU, being one of the leading tertiary institutions in Hong Kong, is proud to make a global impact through expanding the network of quality exchange partners, university partnerships and academic collaborations.
Fostering academic collaboration on the Chinese mainland
PolyU has an expanding university network on the mainland. We believe that university partnership with renowned mainland universities facilitates our education and research development, as well as enhances our academic and cultural exchanges.
Reaching out for global presence and impact
PolyU is keen on collaborating with overseas institutions spanning countries over the world. We establish joint programme, organize university partnership activity and form academic alliance, contributing to its increasingly diverse student and faculty communities.
International Strategic Technology Alliance (ISTA)
Founded in 1995, ISTA is a platform among 27 renowned tertiary institutions in China and the world for applied technology development, academic collaboration and university partnership, fostering applied R&D, technology transfer and commercialization of technologies and products. PolyU is one of its founding institutional members.
International Advisory Board (IAB) meeting
PolyU set up a high-level International Advisory Board in 2010. The annual meeting in 2015 gathered international advisors for their insights from global perspectives and engaged staff and students in fruitful exchanges on the related education and research initiatives, gathering global wisdom for the development of academic collaboration.
Alliance of Sino-Russian Technical Universities (ASRTU)
PolyU has embarked on a new page of collaboration with Russian universities through joining this academic alliance.