Known Issues

    Issues   Details / Workarounds
1   When using vDesk – Win 8.1, the system reports that the OS is Windows Server 2012R2 instead of Windows 8.1   The vDesk – Win 8.1 is built on top of Windows Server 2012R2. As the kernel of Windows 8.1 and Windows Server 2012R2 is the same, most applications will work without any problem.
2   Sometimes the “Login to OneDrive” window will not pop up after logging in to vSCC.   In some scenarios, particularly for a vApp login, “Login to OneDrive” might start in a background window. Try to minimize all the application windows and locate it.
3   The disk size of OneDrive (O:) cannot be displayed correctly. It only shows 60GB or 300GB disk space instead of 1TB.   This is a known problem on webDAV mapped drive in Windows. Please login to the Microsoft OneDrive portal ( to check the actual disk size and utilization.  
4   Problem may occur when accessing with dual screen computer system of some display settings.    Power up the dual screen and adjust the resolution of each screen to 2560x1440 or below before logging in to vSCC.
5   A blank screen may occasionally occur when using a MAC/iOS device to connect to vSCC.   Connection to vSCC will be interrupted when network connection is not stable. The blank screen will be shown if network connection has timed out. The screen will resume normal after network reconnection. 
6   It takes a long time to do a copy and paste between Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel.   This is a known issue associated with Excel. We are still working with Microsoft for the solution.
7   Some websites could not be displayed properly in Microsoft EDGE browser.   EDGE is a new browser the comes with Windows 10. Some websites are not well customized for EDGE and may therefore show a different layout or even a blank screen. Try to use Chrome, Firefox or Internet Explorer instead.
8   There is no response when dragging and dropping files from a MAC/iOS device to vApp/vDesk.   Drag and drop of files from MAC/iOS device is not supported currently. Try to store the files in PolyU Home Drive (P:) or OneDrive (O:), and access those files through vApp/vDesk.
9   Videos from some websites (such as, could not be played smoothly when using vApp/vDesk in full screen mode.   This is a known limitation. HTML5 / Flash videos cannot be played smoothly under full screen mode. Try to watch the videos in a reduced-size browser window.
10   Web camera is not enabled in vApp/vDesk.   Web camera is disabled in vApp/vDesk to maintain system stability.
11   User cannot login to the same vApp/vDesk with his/her desktop and mobile device at the same time.   Each vSCC resource only allows ONE simultaneous connection. If a user tries to login to the same vDesk/vApp with a second device, the previous session will be dis-connected automatically.
12   The performance of vSCC would be degraded when internet broadband connection is poor.     Users are recommended to connect to vSCC with a stable internet broadband connection (1.5MBps or above). If users are trying to connect using a dialup network or through an unstable internet broadband connection, the performance would be degraded.
13   In vDesk Win 8.1, setup is required for each login in order to use the default Chinese Input that comes with the Windows Virtual Desktop.   Due to customization limit, if a user wishes to use the default Chinese Input that comes with the Windows Virtual Desktop of vDesk, setup is required for each login. Simply click the “EN” button at the lower right hand corner of vDesk, choose Language Preferences -> Add a Language -> Chinese -> Open -> Chinese (Hong Kong) -> Add. Then back to the Language Windows, choose Options beside the Chinese (Hong Kong) Language. You can add your desired Chinese input method there.
14   Access to vSCC by a legacy computer operating system (Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7) is not supported.   For Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7 of which SP1 and the latest patch have not been applied, the Single sign-on from vSCC Web Portal to the backend resources cannot be done. The system will prompt you to enter your password one to two times. In this case, enter “HH\NetID” as your username and NetPassword as your password.
15   The Autodesk DWG Viewer of vApp cannot work properly with an error message of “Error 1325 Document filename too long”.   The Autodesk DWG Viewer cannot work properly as the setting of “My Documents” is redirected to your PolyU Home Drive. Try the workaround here. First, launch the File Explorer and input “C:\Windows\DWG_Fix.reg” in the explorer bar, then press “enter”. The system will prompt and ask if you would like to proceed. Simply click “OK” twice and you can start DWG Viewer properly. Remember to log off from the system after you have finished using “DWG_Fix.reg”. Otherwise, the folder redirection of “My Documents” will be lost.
16   When logging out from vDesk - Win 10 using a MAC/iOS device, a blank screen occurs.     This is a known issue for Mac/iOS user when logging off from vDesk– Win10. The screen will black out for around 3 minutes. A work around is to click the “log off” button in vDesk, then move the mouse pointer to the upper left hand corner and click the “Close Windows” button to close the session. 
17   When accessing vSCC using Firefox on a Mac device, username and password need to be entered again to launch a vApp/vDesk.    The vSCC system has a secure gateway. The user credentials a Mac client enters to login to the vSCC web portal cannot be passed automatically to the vSCC gateway. A Mac client is therefore required to login again to launch a vApp/vDesk. Please enter “HH\NetID” as username and NetPassword as password when the system prompts for credentials.