About vSCC

Based on the latest Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) technology, the Virtual Student Computer Centre (vSCC) is one of the University’s initiatives to support digital workspaces that meet the smarter, more agile and anytime anywhere work practices of the PolyU community. vSCC allows users to remotely access desktop OS and a list of commonly-used software applications.

The benefit is the ability to run these programs “anywhere, anytime”, on or off-campus, with 24 x 7 access, using any device, without the need to physically visiting the Student Computer Centre.

After logging in to vSCC, you will find both vDesk (Virtual Desktop) and vApp (Virtual Application) available for your use.

vDesk is a Windows desktop environment that is stored remotely on servers of the PolyU Data Centres, rather than on your local PC. vDesk is particularly useful to users running non-Windows desktop, such as MacBook users, who need to concurrently access the full Windows desktop together with some applications.  
vApp is an application that is stored and run remotely on servers in the PolyU Data Centre, rather than on your local PC. The remote applications can seamlessly integrate with your desktop so that they appear and behave the same as your local applications. vApp is suitable to almost any users, providing free and convenient access to application software.     

After using the vSCC service, users can conveniently save their working files on the PolyU Home Drive which is a secure network storage service.