About vSCC

Based on the latest Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) technology, the Virtual Student Computer Centre (vSCC) is one of the University’s initiatives to support digital workspaces that meet the smarter, more agile and anytime anywhere work practices of the PolyU community.


vSCC allows users to remotely access desktop OS and a list of commonly-used software applications.













The benefit is the ability to run these programs “anywhere, anytime”, on or off-campus, with 24 x 7 access, using any device, without the need to physically visiting the Student Computer Centre.


After using the vSCC service, users can conveniently save their working files on the PolyU Home Drive which is a network storage service.













Try vSCC

An experimental environment for vSCC has been made available starting from 1 March 2016. All users are invited to try out the new technology, report problems encountered and send us comments and suggestions so that we can further enhance the service for future implementation.

Users can access vSCC by the following methods:

Visit our Demo Rooms:

10:00 - 18:00



M301/M302/M303/M304, Student Computer Centre, Li Ka Shing Tower


Click to Access by your Own Device:
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Internet Explorer Window Mac Andriod Ipad Linux
vSCC Setup Guide:



Any comments and suggestions for us to improve the vSCC service, or enquiries about the service? Please contact the IT HelpCentre at 2766 5900.