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How to install the Panopto Recorder

Method 1: Software Center (only for Domain-joined desktop)
Method 2: Download the installation file from PolyU VCMS website

Method 1: Software Center (only for Domain-joined desktop)
Step 1: Open "Software Center" from start menu or search from search bar

Step 2: Look for "Panopto Recorder" in "Available Software", select the "Panopto Recorder" and click "INSTALL SELECTED".

Step 3: The installation will start automatically, wait until it finishes.

Step 4: The installation completes when status changes to "Installed".

Step 5: A shortcut is created on desktop and you may launch the Panopto Recorder.

Method 2: Download the installation file from PolyU VCMS website

Step 1: Login to the PolyU VCMS web interface

Step 2: Click "Download Panopto" under your NetID name, and click the green button to start downloading, you may find other recorder version in the option list.

Step 3: Locate PanoptoRecorder.exe that you've downloaded and run the application, the installer will self-extract and begin the installation.

Step 4: Select your installation path and the storage location if needed, and leave Panopto Web Server as default.

Step 5: Click "Install".

Step 6: You may now sign in with your Blackboard NetID.

How to provision your Blackboard course with VCMS

Step 1. To provision directly from a course, first login as an instructor for the course you'd like to provision.

Step 2. Navigate to your desired course.

Step 3. On the course page, click "Tools" in the left navigation pane.

Step 4. Under Tools, click "Panopto Content".

Step 5. Click "Configure"

Step 6. To provision the course, click "Add Course to Panopto".

Step 7. You will see a message telling you that the course has been successfully provisioned. Click "OK" to finish.

Step 8: The selected folders should be the course you choose, click "Submit" to finish.

How to start a Recording

Step 1: Select your desired video sources and adjust the quality for recording and Press "Record" to start your recording. (higher quality will increase loading/storage of the recording)

Note: You must at least have audio in order for the recording to be complete and usable without additional recordings.

Step 2: you may "Pause" and "Resume" the recording at any time.

Step 3: Press "Stop" to end the recording.

Step 4: Press "Done" to confirm the recording or you may record again by selecting "Delete and record again" (the latest record will be deleted and cannot be recovered).

How to start a Webcasting

Similar to normal recording, check the "Webcast" box before "Record" to start a live broadcasting.

The Recorder shows additional functions than normal recording

  1. Stop Button: Press "Stop" to terminate the broadcast (No "Pause" option)
  2. Webcast Viewers: Show the number of current viewers
  3. Discussion Board: Show the live posts from the viewers
  4. Webcast Link: "Copy" the link to publish to target audience and "Share" for setting the view permission

Note: Viewers may experience 1-2 minutes delay when watching the live webcast, it depends on the network traffic

How to edit your recording

Hover your mouse over the video, then click “Edit

Here is the Panopto editor View:

  1. Modifying the titles or keywords at specific time for student to search easily
  2. Cutting and trimming area for editing the recording

Select the scissor in the cutting area to enter the trimming mode.

Drag the mouse to select the section that you decide to cut out, the gray area indicate the section is cut.

"Un-do" and "Re-do" any steps by clicking the icon on the upper-right corner, "Publish" your edit when finish, or "Revert" it to original state.

How to upload multiple videos to the VCMS

Step 1: Navigate "All Folders" or "My Folders" on the left hand column and choose the folder where the session will be created

Step 2: Click the "Create" option on the top panel and then "Upload Media"

Step 3: You may drag files into the dashed area or click to find in file explroer

Step 4: The video is uploading to the VCMS.

Step 5: Finished uploading and you may close the windows.

How to share your videos

Step 1: Click “Share” on the session you want to share.

Step 2: Click the drop down arrow under who has access to show the sharing options.

  1. Specific People: You will find a list of existing users who have access and you may invite people by typing in the NetID, then click “Send and Save changes”.
  2. Anyone at your organization with the link: The video can only be accessed by having the direct link and viewers are required to login the VCMS server with their NetID. Unlisted means no one can browse and discover this video from the site.
  3. Anyone at your organization: Viewers who can login the VCMS server with their NetID can access the video.
  4. Anyone with the link: The video can be accessed by anyone having the direct link, no sign-in is required. Unlisted means no one can browse and discover this video from the site.
  5. Public on the web: This option will allow anyone on the Internet to find and access. No sign-in required.

How to view the video analytics and reports

You may access the video analytics by clicking "Stats" button for the videos/folders you are interested in.

The report will be generated in a pop-up window (requires Adobe Flash on your browser)

  1. The first chart shows the number of unique viewers and the total views of the video in green bar. The average time spent on the videos is shown in orange line.
  2. The second chart shows the number of views in a particular segment of the video.
  3. You may change the time range of the graph

A list of viewers and the number of views and average time spent are shown at the bottom

How to embed panopto video in Microsoft Team

Step 1: Open Microsoft Team, click Add a tab at the top of your channel or chat. Select the tab you want from the tab gallery.

Step 2: Choose Website tab

Step 3: Enter the Video name in Tab name and Video URL in URL* field

Step 4: MS Teams members can play the video within the tab (e.g. Video 1)