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photo of The late Mr Lim Por Yen
2004 University Fellow
The late Mr Lim Por Yen

The Late Mr Lim Por Yen, who passed away earlier this month, was the Founder and Chairman of the Lai Sun Group. He was a very well-known and successful industrialist, who had over 60 years of experience in the garment industry and started his business in real estate development and investments in the mid-1950s.

A committed philanthropist, Mr Lim donated more than $600 million to support education, healthcare and cultural development in Hong Kong and the Chinese mainland over the years. In 2003, he made a donation of $10 million to support PolyU’s development.

Mr Lim was Honorary Professor of Zhejiang University as well as Honorary University Fellow of The University of Hong Kong. In recognition of his generous support to many mainland cities, he was conferred honorary citizenships from the cities of Guangzhou, Shantou, Xiamen, Kunshan and Zhongshan. In addition, he was previously a Hong Kong Affairs Adviser, and a Founding Member and Fund Trustee of The Better Hong Kong Foundation. Mr Lim was a hardworking and enthusiastic person who earnestly practised what he advocated. Mr Lam will be sorely missed by the PolyU community.

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