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2004 University Fellow
Mr Duan Yongji

Mr Duan Yongji is the Chairman of STONE Group Corporation. His success is often attributed to his innovation and creativity, dedication and entrepreneurial spirit. In the 1980s, Mr Duan targeted the office automation field and positioned STONE as a leader in word processor manufacturing, laying a good foundation for the company’s subsequent development of PCs and other products. STONE has contributed significantly toward computerization in the Chinese mainland. Since 1993, STONE Electronics has been listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange. In 1998, STONE re-organised its operation and introduced the MBO system (management by objectives), which resulted in an increase in its productivity and reduction in its product inventory time. This has set a good example for enterprises in the Chinese mainland.

In 2000, Mr Duan was awarded the Bauhinia Cup Outstanding Entrepreneur Award of PolyU and is now the Chairman of Bauhinia Cup Outstanding Entrepreneurs Association. The award testifies to the success of Mr Duan as a visionary business leader. Mr Duan joined the University as an Adjunct Professor of Institute for Enterprise since 2003 and has been actively involved in sharing his experience with the younger generation, as well as bridging PolyU with business enterprises.

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