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The JIB-4501 is a Multi-Beam processing system that incorporates a thermionic SEM and a high-performance Ga ion column. The instrument can be used as a SEM system to observe specimen surfaces; or section milling of a region using FIB can be performed. The JIB-4501 column arrangement has been designed so that a cross section that has been milled using the FIB can be observed with the SEM without changing the stage tilting angle. The FIB with Pt deposition cartridge can be used for fine milling and TEM thin-film sample preparation. The post picking up system with optical microscope is equipped for sample transfer. A third-party software with nano pattern generation system (NPGS) for electron beam lithography (EBL) is also equipped.


Features / Applications:

  • Ga liquid metal ion source
  • 1 to 30 kV (in 5 kV steps)
  • Up to 60 nA (at 30 kV)
  • 12 steps (motor drive)
  • Pt deposition cartridge
  • Rectangle, line, and spot milling
  • Bulk-specimen 5 axis goniometer stage


Notes to user:

Specimen surface must be even and without volatile matter.


Supplier information:




Please click here to download the equipment introduction poster.


Equipment location:

Room CF002