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Basic Law Distinguished Lecture Series

建基於《基本法》 - 香港特別行政區成立21載

擁抱轉變 、 豐盛人生

Based on the Basic Law - 21 years of Hong Kong Special Administrative Region

Embrace Change and Enrich Life


現誠邀  閣下參加由鄧竟成先生主講的講座「建基於《基本法》 - 香港特別行政區成立21載:擁抱轉變 、 豐盛人生」。詳情如下:
日期:20181011 (星期四)
時間:12:30 – 14:00
講者:鄧竟成先生 (香港航空副主席、全國政協委員、郊野公園及海岸公園委員會主席及前警務處處長)

You are cordially invited to attend the talk “Based on the Basic Law - 21 years of Hong Kong Special Administrative Region: Embrace Change and Enrich Life" by Mr. TANG King-shing. The details of the talk are as follows:
Date: 11 Oct 2018 (Thursday)
Time: 12:30 – 14:00
Venue: PQ303, 3/F, Mong Man Wai Building, PolyU
Language: Cantonese
Speaker: Mr TANG King-shing (Vice Chairman of Hong Kong Airlines, Member of the National Committee of the CPPCC of PRC, Chairman of the Country and Marine Parks Board of Agriculture and Former Commissioner of Police)

The Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of the People's Republic of China has been established for 21 years. During the period of time, the unprecedented Basic Law has been shouldering a very important task in Hong Kong’s return to the motherland. Mr. TANG will share his experience in facing this great change with audiences. He will also share on how to deepen your understanding of the Basic Law as Hong Kong people, especially for the younger generation who are the future masters. The youth should take a good grasp of the changes and opportunities brought about by Hong Kong's return to the motherland and work hard for personal development and contribution to the country and Hong Kong; and for a more meaningful and exciting life.
Please click here to register online. We look forward to seeing you at the talk!
Speaker’s Biography
K S TANG is a Hong Kong native, who witnessed Hong Kong's return to the motherland from the British colony. He is grateful to have the opportunity to grow up and live in this unique era in a place where Chinese and Western cultures meet and blend. Having served in the Police Force for 35 years, promoted from the Inspector to the Commissioner, he experienced the administration of the colonial government and the SAR Government. Since his retirement in 2011, he has been participating in voluntary work, promoting the development of young people. He joined the aviation industry two years ago to continue serving the society and to enrich his life.

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