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Scholarships Administered by Centre STARS


The following scholarships are open for application. Unless otherwise specified, the applicants must be currently pursuing a full-time undergraduate programme leading to PolyU award (i.e. HKCC, SPEED, PolyU inbound exchange students are not eligible). Kindly note that the Donors/PolyU reserve(s) the right to accept/decline any application or withdraw the scholarship(s) at any time (e.g. when there is no deserving candidate, in case of unforeseen circumstance, etc.). In case of any dispute/disagreement, the decision of the Donors/PolyU shall be final.

Please submit the application forms (except those online applications and those scholarships which form collection venue is not Centre STARS) to the specified collection box in Centre STARS (Room QT308). Each applicant is expected to receive an email notifier acknowledging their applications from Centre STARS within 10 working days from the deadline of application. 

From time to time, there are scholarships open for application by students or, the candidates of which are nominated by Dean/Head of faculties or academic departments.  Please click the schedule of inviting application/nomination for details.

Scholarship Open for Application
(Please click the scholarship name for details.)



Innovation and Technology Scholarship 2019

  • Around 25 Scholarships each with a maximum value of HK$150,000 for current full-time non-final-year local students pursuing government-funded science-related undergraduate degree programmes of six local tertiary institutions.
  • To attend one or more attachment programme(s) at a specified overseas/Mainland university/institution between 1 June 2019 to 30 June 2020.  The duration of at least one of the trips must be longer than three weeks.
  • The nominees must have a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.3 by Semester One of 2018/19, a satisfactory TOEFL / IELTS score, a passion in innovation and technology & intention of pursuing this as career, be all-rounded and able to demonstrate commitment to Hong Kong.

This scholarship is not open for application.  Interested students are invited to join the below briefing session(s), and  approach the Scholarship Liaison Officer of respective Academic Department by the date specified by their Department or 4 January 2019 (Friday)* (whichever is earlier) for a self-recommendation.  

 Date      Registration
 29 Oct 18 (Mon)  4:30-5:30 p.m.  Room S208,
 Communal Building,
 Core S, PolyU
 By 9am on 29 Oct
 31 Oct 18 (Wed)  6:00-7:00 p.m.  REGISTER
 By 9am on 31 Oct

4 Jan 2019* or a date specified by respective academic department


President Emeritus Professor Poon Chung-kwong Scholarship 2018/19

  • To current full-time non-first-year* undergraduate degree students in 2018/19. (*Senior-year students admitted into the undergraduate degree programme in 2018/19 are also eligible.)
  • Candidates should have a cumulative GPA of at least 3.3 by end of semester 2 2017/18 as well as outstanding accomplishment in Community Services or Chinese Culture.

31 Oct 2018
by 6:00 pm


Scholarship in Economics 2018/19

  • To current full-time government-funded non-first-year students from Faculty of Business, i.e. Year 2 or above students who took Economics subject(s) during their degree studies at PolyU.
  • The applicants should at least complete the residence in the Student Halls of Residence (Hunghom or Homantin Halls) in the whole Semester One or Semester Two of 2018/19.

5 Nov 2018
by 6:00 pm

Students are advised to read the file Tips on Enhancing Written Presentation Skills for Scholarship Applications before submitting the applications.

Scholarships Administered by Outside Organizations

Moreover, there are other scholarships administered by outside organizations and open for application by PolyU students. Please click the scholarship name for details.

Scholarship Open for Application
(For details of individual Scholarship, please contact the respective organization direct.)


Scholarship for Overseas Studies
To get better prepared for further overseas studies, please click
HERE for more information.

Chevening Aberdeen Scott Scholarship 2019-2020

6 Nov 2018

Croucher Scholarships 2019
Croucher Fellowships 2019

15 Nov 2018
by 5:00 pm

Scholarships for Overseas Studies administered by Student Finance Office of HKSAR Government

Scholarship for Local Studies 

Scholarships for Local Studies administered by Student Finance Office of HKSAR Government


The Malaysian Chamber (Hong Kong and Macau) Students Trust Fund
- For current full-time Malaysian undergraduate students




General Enquiries

For enquiries on scholarship matters, please contact:- Centre STARS (Student Advancement and Resources)
Room QT308, 3/F (Entrance at Core T)
The Hong Kong Polytechnic University
Tel. 3400 3134




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