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How do you know if a tree is sick? 怎樣知道樹木生病了?

“How do you know if a tree is sick?” (怎樣知道樹木生病了?) is the first talk of the Knowledge and Exploration Talk Series organized by Dean of Students Office, with the aim of broadening students’ horizon beyond their selected academic field. Dr. WONG Man Sing, Associate Professor at the Department of Land Surveying and Geo-Informatics (LSGI) of PolyU, was invited as the speaker to share on how he uses remote sensing technology to monitor the health condition of trees in the Jockey Club Smart City Tree Management Project. The audience showed great interest at the Q&A session, conducted by Dr. Lilian Pun, Associate Head (Academic) and Associate Professor of LSGI, by raising questions such as city planning and green environment, future development and commercialization of the tree projects.

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