Mr. LIU Man Kit Barry

BEng (Hons) in Civil Engineering, Year 3

The Most Outstanding Student 2008

The Outstanding Student, Faculty of Construction & Land Use 2008


It is my great honour to be selected as the Most Outstanding PolyU Student 2008.

This award not only recognizes my efforts and achievements during my undergraduate studies, but also encourages me to be a great engineer after my graduation. I am really proud of being a student in the Department of Civil and Structural Engineering. It has provided me with many opportunities to enhance my ability to become an outstanding student.



To be a successful person not only depends on how much achievement one has, but also how fast one recovers from failure. As a child, I had a dream to become a great engineer but the road to my dream was difficult. I can still remember the most critical moment in my life. My mother was diagnosed with cancer when I was in Form 7 and she later died. As a result, I tended to give up my dream. I obtained disappointing results in the examinations and was only able to enter a Higher Diploma programme.

But I was determined to gain a better qualification. I set myself a goal, to be accepted on a degree programme. This I succeeded in achieving and it shows the wisdom of the quotation from Winston Churchill, ¡§A pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity; an optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty¡¨.

My aim is to become ¡§the best of the best¡¨; I have set high standards for my studies and participated in many activities to develop myself and make more contributions to the university as well as the society.

I have participated in community services, the complementary studies programmes and the SAO development programmes. I had also participated in ¡§Hong Kong and Kowloon Walk for Millions¡¨ to help the needy in Hong Kong. All these activities gave me the opportunity to interact with different kinds of people and explore my potential in different areas.

One of the most impressive experiences was the ¡§Good Starter Programme¡¨ organized by the Student Affairs Office. I gave advice to freshmen on choosing placements, overcoming academic difficulties, and balancing hall activities and study demands.

Regarding cultural exchange experiences, I conscientiously made use of the international environment within the university to create opportunities to expand my cultural horizons. For example, I have fully used the international living environment at hall to learn about the values of different inbound exchange students.



I joined the collaboration projects with the American students in HK to learn more about American culture. In addition, I visited Sichuan University to understand more about the situations in the motherland.

All these experiences have helped me to become a more open-minded person and they have broadened my horizon.

Through the hall activities, especially the high table dinner and the culture night, I have enhanced my social skills by interacting and sharing with others. During this time I became more independent and started to know how to live with other people. I developed many friendships and gained valuable experiences in hall which brightened my PolyU life and made my university life unforgettable.

In my mind, knowledge not only needs to be acquired, but also needs to be applied. Thus, I had participated in the ¡§Preferred Graduate¡¨ Development Programme, to apply my academic knowledge through working for a company. I joined two different consultant firms during my university study. After my first year of study I joined Halcrow China Limited as a summer trainee. This was my first time to work as an engineer and my major responsibility was for the slope maintenance works. After my second year of study, I was awarded a scholarship from Ove Arup & Partners Hong Kong Limited and joined this leading world consultant firm as a student trainee. This is my dream company that I hope to join after I graduate. During the training, my major work was the railway station design of the Singapore railway station as well as the London station extension works. All of these were the precious experiences that gave me a chance to touch my future before graduation and increase my confidence to face future challenges.

I would like to express my sincere appreciation to all the staff in the Department of Civil and Structural Engineering for their teaching and guidance; my friends and my schoolmates for their continuous support and for cheering me up; and lastly my parents, especially for my lovely mother. Although she has gone, her unconditional love and care are always in my mind.








Miss CHAN Ting Yan Winslet

BA (Hons) in Fashion and Textiles (Fashion Retailing), Year 3

The Outstanding Student, Faculty of Applied Science & Textiles 2008

It is my honor to be selected as the Outstanding Student of the Faculty of Applied Science & Textiles. The award is a tangible recognition of my efforts to pursue my future career in the profession of fashion retailing.

For the most valuable experience at PolyU, I think it was the time when I graduated with a Higher Diploma in Fashion and Textiles in 2006/07. On graduation day, every member in my core and extended families came to celebrate my graduation. I could feel their excitement. I never forgot the moment when my name was announced and I received the certificate in front of my Head of Department. This award has given me great satisfaction and has become the strongest motivation for me to study harder. I am intending to further my postgraduate study and am aspiring to be an expert in the Fashion and Textile industry.

Time flies, I am now having my last semester at PolyU. My university life has been fruitful. PolyU has given me many invaluable opportunities to further develop myself and broaden my horizons.  In 2007/08, I was one of the nominated students for an exchange program scholarship at Kent State University, USA. During my time there I acquired a deeper knowledge about the fashion industry, particularly in the subjects of Fashion Show Production and Fashion Presentation. In the subject of Fashion Show Production, I prepared a fashion graduation show similar to a real one and I gained a better understanding about how this industry works. In the subject of Fashion Presentation, I learned how to be a professional presenter and overcome my fear of having a presentation in front of foreigners. However, I had encountered some problems when doing the projects. For example, I was assigned to analyse a local brand in the U.S. which I was not familiar with. I was interested to compare the mode of learning between Hong Kong and U.S. students. Students in the U.S. were self-motivated to join discussions, they raised questions all the time and they liked to share their opinions and experiences with each other whereas students in HK were relatively shy to discuss with each other. I enjoyed the mode of learning in the U.S. I also had the opportunity to explore more about U.S. culture and to live independently. I was happy to acquire knowledge that I could not gain in HK. The greatest thing is that I made many friends from all round the world through the Exchange Student Association in Kent State.



An Outstanding Student is expected to have a good academic achievement but leadership, personal development, community services and all-round development are also essential qualities. In addition, an Outstanding Student should cultivate an aspiration, initiative and confidence towards new knowledge through pursuing life-long learning.

Life is full of challenges; we may experience both happiness and sadness from time to time, and frankly, I have experienced failures before. Sometimes, it depends on how we perceive failure and how we can turn it into a valuable experience for the future. As Henry Ford says, ¡§Failure is the opportunity to begin again more intelligently.¡¨ Be optimistic, and live happily!

After almost four years of study at PolyU, I have become more mature and have started having some deep thoughts about life. PolyU has equipped me with solid knowledge and essential skills. I believe that I am now ready for all the new challenges; and I am prepared to contribute to the society.


Finally, I would like to take this great opportunity to give my heartfelt thanks to all the teaching staff, both at the Sacred Heart Canossian College of Commerce and the Institute of Textiles and Clothing. I would especially like to thank my Faculty Dean, Professor Tao Xiao-ming, Dr. Jason Choi, Dr. Christina Wong, Ms Alice Chu and Ms Paulene Hsia for their hard work, invaluable learning experiences and their unlimited care for me. I would also thank all of my friends and classmates for their support. All of you have been playing a vital role in my studies as well as my life. One thing I will never forget is the dedication of my parents and sister, their love and care for me. They have been with me through peaks and troughs. They form an integral part of my life. Thank you.

I hope every student could become an Outstanding Student when they graduate from PolyU and could bring the greatest contribution to their own field in the future.







Mr. CHAN Hing Fong

BBA (Hons) Major in Marketing, Year 3

The Outstanding Student, Faculty of Business 2008


It is my greatest honour to be selected as the Outstanding Student of the Faculty of Business. To be frank, I never imagined that I could receive such a prestigious award. This award has so many meanings for me; one of the most important meanings is that it helps to recognize my efforts in various aspects throughout my three years of university study. Studying at PolyU has brought me a great deal of fruitful memories, and I would like to share some of my most unforgettable experiences throughout my studies with every one of you.

During my year one study, I joined the Preferred Graduate Development Programme organized by SAO to participate in a summer overseas placement programme. My employer, Conservation Volunteers Australia, is an organization that is engaged in practical conservation projects for the betterment of the environment. Though the work nature of this placement may not be very much related to my major studies, I have benefited greatly from this experience. For example, by working in teams, I learnt the importance of teamwork; through working with people of different nationalities, I improved my language skills. More importantly, I learnt about different cultures. Besides, being able to participate in a project to save our planet, I gained satisfaction which could not be measured monetarily. In short, this placement programme has equipped me with a number of crucial soft skills that could prepare me well for my future career.




I joined the Overseas Exchange Programme during my year two study. At the University of Applied Sciences, Northwestern Switzerland, I developed friendships with students coming from all over the globe; this was such an amazing experience! Studying abroad has made me more independent and mature, as I had to take good care of myself in unfamiliar places. Besides, I obtained a better understanding of the western teaching and learning environment. Of course, I had my language skills improved as English is the medium of communication throughout my study. The whole experience has brought me new ideas towards life, and is surely memorable.

I was awarded two important scholarships during my study at PolyU. The Hong Kong Jockey Club Scholarship, has brought me new inspirations and has shaped me into an all-round person. As a HKJC scholarship scholar, I participated in various community service programmes organized by the scholars alumni association. It is really rewarding to contribute towards the community. For example, the alumni association launched a programme to help a group of secondary school students realize their dreams and develop a positive attitude towards life. The alumni association enabled me to meet scholars of diverse expertise from different institutions. I was also awarded The Hong Kong Polytechnic University Local Students Scholarship (Academic). This scholarship has relieved my financial burden a great deal, and I feel really grateful to PolyU..


Last but not the least, I would like to take this opportunity to express my deepest gratitude and sincere thanks to all the professors and staff from the Faculty of Business and the Department of Management and Marketing, especially our Faculty Dean, Professor Judy Tsui and my programme leaders, Dr. Thomas Leung and Dr. Susan Tai for their hard work, guidance, support and care for me. I would also like to thank my friends and classmates for their support and patience. Finally, I must thank my parents for their unconditional love and care; they are my inspiration, without them I am nothing. Thank you!








Mr. SHEN Shunrong Thomas

BEng (Hons) in Electrical Engineering, Year 3

The Outstanding Student, Faculty of Engineering 2008


Life is a process of exploring unknowns and encountering surprises. No one can ever predict what might happen tomorrow. The only thing one can do is move forward. During the first several months after my landing in Hong Kong, I saw and experienced new things everyday. I was amazed by the energetic city, but also felt anxious about my future here. After all, I would spend four years at university in an unfamiliar city. I endeavoured to adapt myself to the new study environment and to the local society, and all the efforts I made in the past few years have paved the way to my success today.


If someone asked me whether I have any shortcuts that may help achieve a high GPA without spending much time on study materials, I would definitely say ¡§No¡¨. The only and the best approach to obtain a higher score than anyone else is to read more and exercise more. Usually, students prefer to cram all materials into their mind the night before exam day. Probably this might help one understand some basic concepts and pass the final exam. But A or A+ can never be obtained in such a way. A good student should be well prepared for all questions that may appear in the exam. Then, how to make oneself be prepared Practise. Practice makes perfect. Read more chapters, solve more problems, and you will come on top. Of course, study is not a simple straight ball. Being a good pitcher, one should be able to control the speed and number of rotations of the ball to make the pitch more ¡§lethal¡¨. As one of my professors said in a lecture, what really mattered was not how much time you spent in the library, but how much you learned during your stay there. In other words, one has to explore a way to increase productivity. I spent quite a lot of time on study in my first year here. However, my score turned out not to be satisfactory. After reviewing my study progress, I found my distribution of study time was not reasonable and I modified it. The effect was immediate and significant. Thus, I think one should not only study hard, but should also study smartly.


To succeed in university life, students should also join various extra-curricular activities to learn about the society they belong to. University is a transition between campus and real society. Academic work is just part of it. Through a series of activities, we can train our interpersonal communication skills and also gain social knowledge that will not be taught in the lecture. Extra-curricular activities along with other community services give us opportunities to apply what we have learned to benefit the society. This is exactly what the PolyU wants us to do. Moreover, for non-local students like me, cooperation with local students in non-academic activities can facilitate our ¡§localization¡¨. Take myself as an example, I joined the Junior Committee of iProA (international Professional Association), a Hong Kong local organization aiming at promoting the IT industry in Hong Kong. We planned and organized Pan-Pearl Computer Competition, iProA Mentorship Program 2007 and other activities. I also obtained an opportunity to attend a Hong Kong governmental meeting. These precious experiences revealed a different facet of Hong Kong and provided me with a closer view of the living and working culture of Hong Kong.

Being a person who enjoys diversity, I like travelling around the world to experience different cultures and to make friends with people of various backgrounds. Fortunately, I successfully obtained a chance to spend one semester at the University of Waterloo, Canada. The four-month study there was a great experience. The living pattern, eating manner and many things in North America are different from those in China. Furthermore, since Canada itself is an immigrant country, people around me were not only Canadian students. I also had opportunities to study with students from India, Pakistan and Europe. The exchange program provided students with a stage for gathering, communicating and sharing ideas. Therefore, I strongly recommend all students who wish to hone their social skills and broaden their horizons to join the exchange program. It is a great chance to prepare for future challenges in one¡¦s study and career.


Finally, I would like to give special thanks to my parents, who raised me and have always been by my side during difficult times. In addition, I would also like to express my appreciation to all professors in my department, all staff of SAO and AECO and all the people who have helped me and cared about me. Without your help, I would not be the one to receive this award. Thank you.








Mr. TAM Wing Kin Teris

BSc (Hons) in Biomedical Engineering, Year 3

The Outstanding Student, Faculty of Health & Social Sciences 2008

It is both my greatest honor and surprise to receive the Outstanding Student Award of the Faculty of Health and Social Sciences. It is certainly one of the most prestigious awards I have ever received throughout my education. I would like to express my sincere gratitude to the University for recognizing my achievements and for providing the enormous support that helped me fully realize my potential.

Three years ago, I made the decision to switch my field of study from another program in another university to Biomedical Engineering in PolyU. It was a tough decision and adapting to a new environment was no simple task. Thanks to the support of my family and friends, I was able to survive the change. And the rest, as people often say, is history. I have never regretted my decision and consider studying Biomedical Engineering in PolyU one of the best decisions I have ever made.

Throughout my years in PolyU, I have been blessed to be given many opportunities to explore my potential.


Starting from year 2, I have been working in Dr. Raymond Tong¡¦s laboratory, assisting research into the area of stroke rehabilitation. It has always fascinated me how engineering and medicine can be tightly integrated with each other. I have also participated in the PolyU-IDT Innovative Entrepreneur Contest 2007/08 and received the Excellence Award. It was a very new experience as it was the first time for me to prepare a business plan and think about the marketing strategy for our product. I would like to thank all my group mates for their excellent work and our advisor Prof. Daniel Chow for his guidance. What we have gained through the competition is certainly more than the award.

During the last summer, I was given the chance to work in the Laboratory of Neural Engineering in the Tsinghua University in Beijing. It was a fabulous experience. Not only have I learnt cutting-edge research and techniques in the field, I have also made many invaluable friends. Interestingly, many of them were not met in the place where I lived and worked. Some of them were met in front of a map at the Temple of Heaven, some under the starry sky of Inner Mongolia and some in front of a bookshop in a local church. It has really amazed me how much we can get if we stop waiting for opportunities but instead be the first to move. I know there is a term called ¡§first-mover advantage¡¨ in marketing. I believe the validity of this advantage extends far beyond the business field.


After coming back from Beijing, I took another trip to Shunde in China for a community service program. Together with some students from the US, we made orthosis for the children suffering from cerebral palsy. I still remember the smile of a little girl after she was fitted with a brand new orthosis and started to walk normally. There is nothing more satisfying than knowing that what we learn and apply, can really do something for the benefit of mankind.

It is always a joy to learn and think, both in class and out of class, both when I am alone burning the midnight oil and when I am laughing hysterically over some silly jokes told by my classmates during project discussions (yes, that happens a lot). It is the joy of knowledge and the rapture of understanding that keep me moving. If there is any secret to my success, I would say it is because I love what I learn, and I learn what I love. And in the rare case that I can¡¦t, at least I try. I believe that we all have dreams of some kind. Some are abandoned because we are too frustrated. Some are forgotten because we are too frightened. But as a university student, we have the right to dream, and we should. After all, we are still young enough to start afresh and strong enough to stand the failure.


I would now like to give a long list of thanks to the following:

- All staff in the Faculty of Health and Social Sciences for their support and guidance. ?Without them, none of my achievements would have been possible.

- Prof. Arthur Mak, Head, Department of Health Technology and Informatics for his support and nomination. He was my academic advisor in year 1, and had given me valuable advice when I was struggling to adapt to the new university life.

- The Associate Head (Academic), Prof. Iris Benzie, for nominating me for this award.

- My programme leader, Dr. M.S. Wong, for nominating me for many scholarships, including this award.

- Dr.Raymond Tong, my Final Year Project supervisor, for helping me arrange the internship in Tsinghua University, and for his insight and guidance throughout my research work.

- My dear classmates in BME. It has been both an honor and pleasure to study with you.

- My family, for their care, nourishment and tolerance.

- My teachers at the Carmel Pak U Secondary School, more for their education than their teaching, although both were excellent.

- My Heavenly Father for His unconditional love and guidance. Like a branch without a vine, without Him I can do nothing.

- My brothers and sisters in Christ, for their support and prayers. They mean much to me.

Finally, I also give my thanks to YOU, my dear reader, for reading to the very end.
Thank you, thank you so much.





Miss WONG Yuk Chun Olivia

BA (Hons) in Language Studies for the Professions, Year 3

The Outstanding Student, Faculty of Humanities 2008


If life is a box of chocolates, my PolyU life must be a box of dark and white ones.

My life as a university student has been no child's play or easy sailing. The transformation from a mediocre student in high school to become the outstanding student of the Faculty of Humanities involved a lot of hard work and sacrifices. Also included were a lot of times when I did not live up to my own expectations despite strenuous efforts. Still, I learnt that what failures can never take away from you is faith: faith that if you are more persevering, you would find the way out.


After all, this box of chocolates isn¡¦t only bitter. There were also sweet moments and fruitful experiences that had enriched my life and nurtured my soul. Before entering PolyU, I was a nervous and timid person who lacked self-confidence. However, with the enthusiastic help and enlightenment from all the professors who have taught me, I embarked on a journey of self-improvement. And every time I worked with my talented classmates (including exchange students), I learnt a lot from them as well. Therefore, I give a thousand thanks to all teaching staff in the Departments of English plus Chinese and Bilingual Studies for their guidance and teaching as well as all my classmates.





Also among the white chocolates are the two international PGDP internships I experienced at the Palace Museum in Beijing and the international news centre in Sing Tao Newspapers New York. The whole experience of it all, including the professionals whom I met and made friends with and the anecdotes I learned made me grow and were truly unforgettable. Thank you, SAO!

Finally, I pay tribute to Prof. Demokan (Vice President of Academic Development) who approved my nomination. Last but not the least, my heartfelt thanks go to my very supportive family and friends. This box of chocolates wouldn't have been so wonderful without all of you.