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You may apply for the NLSPS loan in 2019/20 if you:

(1) are a registered full-time student engaged in full-time locally-accredited self-financing post-secondary education programmes at sub-degree (i.e. associate degree, higher diploma and / or professional diploma) level or degree level;
(2) have the right of abode in the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (Hong Kong) or have resided or have had your home in Hong Kong continuously for 3 complete years immediately prior to the commencement of the course1.

(Remarks: This does not cover students holding –
  • student visas/entry permits;
  • visas /entry permits under the Immigration Arrangements for Non-local Graduates; or
  • dependant visas/entry permits which were issued to them by the Director of Immigration when they were 18 years old or above.)
If you do not have the right of abode in Hong Kong (without the alphabet "A" beneath the Date of Birth field of the Hong Kong Identity Card), you should also provide a copy of your entry permits to Hong Kong, e.g. one-way permit/dependant visa, etc., with your applications.

Your eligibility is restricted to any one eligible full-time course in any particular academic year.
Even if you are eligible under the above circumstances, the Controller of the Student Finance Office (SFO) reserves the right to require you to submit supplementary documents/information on individual merits; and the final approval of your NLSPS application will still rest with the Controller of SFO.
If you and / or your indemnifier has / have any arrears of grant(s) and / or loan(s) under any financial assistance/loan scheme(s) administered by the SFO, the Controller of SFO reserves the right to withhold processing of your application(s) for loan(s) or release of loan(s).

Details and Enquiries

For details of the NLSPS, please visit the Student Finance Office (SFO) of the Working Family and Student Financial Assistance Agency (WFSFAA) homepage at

SFO YouTube Channel for introduction of FASP & NLSPS

For enquiries (e.g. check progress of your application), you may contact the SFO by mail, fax, email or phone call.

Address : Room 1204, Cheung Sha Wan Government Offices, 303 Cheung Sha Wan Road, Kowloon (near Exit C1 of Shamshuipo MTR station), Kowloon

Office hours : Mon - Fri 8:45 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. and 2:00 p.m. to 5:45 p.m.; except Public Holidays

24-hour automated enquiry hotline : 2802 2345

NLSPS enquiry number during office hours : 2150 6222 (Application Processing Unit); 3755 3155 (Calculaton and Notification Unit); 3102 3027 / 3102 3026 (Payment Unit)

NLSPS fax number : 3101 1908 (Application Processing Unit); 2157 9532 (Calculation & Notification Unit); 2511 2657 (Payment Unit)

E-mail address : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Maximum Level of Financial Assistance under the NLSPS

(1) Students who apply for the NLSPS only, i.e. have not applied for assistance under the FASP or fail to obtain assistance under the FASP, may receive loan(s) up to the annual tuition fees payable for the course under application.
(2) If you apply for financial assistance under both the FASP and the NLSPS, the maximum financial assistance you may receive under these two schemes is capped at the annual tuition fees payable for the course under application, plus the maximum amount of academic expenses grant HK$5,810 and living expenses loan HK$51,470 of FASP in the 2019/20 academic year. If you obtain financial assistance under the FASP, the maximum amount of NLSPS loan will be up to the difference between the amount of financial assistance you may receive under the FASP and the maximum financial assistance you may receive under these two schemes, subject to the NLSPS loan maximum (equivalent to the tuition fees payable) not being exceeded.
(3) With effect from the 2012/13 academic year, a combined life-time loan limit is imposed on students eligible for receiving loans under the NLSFT and NLSPS (i.e. students taking programmes covered by the TSFS and FASP). For 2019/20 academic year, the combined life-time loan limit is HK$372,700 and will be price-adjusted annually thereafter in accordance with the Composite Consumer Price Index.
(4) Loan(s) disbursed from the 2012/13 academic year and onwards will be counted towards the combined life-time loan limit, which is not of revolving nature and will not be reset by any repayments.
(5) Eligible students who have exhausted the life-time loan limit for studying programmes for attaining their first degree-level study may apply to use up to HK$100,000 of their life-time loan limit under the ENLS (applicable to students not covered under TSFS or FASP and pursuing specific part-time and full-time post-secondary and continuing and professional education courses in Hong Kong). Such applications will be considered on a case-by-case basis. The SFO will consider factors such as whether the students are studying for their first degree-level study and the tuition fee level of the course, etc.

Current Interest Rate

Please refer to on the Government's webpage for the prevailing NLSPS interest rate.

2019/20 PolyU Programmes under the NLSPS

If you are local full-time student enrolling in one of the following PolyU Programmes in the coming year of 2019/20, you may be eligible to apply for NLSPS.

For completion of the NLSPS application form, please refer to the Course Coding sheet (Top-up Degree Programmes)

Top-up degree 1  24460
Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Hotel Management
Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Tourism Management
Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Convention and Event Management
1 If you are not sure how many paid credits you will take in 2019/20, please clarify with your School before submitting the e-application.

2019/20 Application Procedures

"Learn to Manage Money Before It Manages You" - Think twice about your repayment ability before you apply for any loan.

Eligible applicants can submit online application for the 2019/20 “Non-means-tested Loan Scheme for Post-secondary Students (NLSPS)” via the online platform “SFO E-link – My Applications” ( until it is not accepted.

(1) Read the Guidance Notes and online demonstration which can be found on the “SFO E-link – My Applications” (;
(2) Submit online application via “SFO E-link – My Applications” (;
(3) Submit the signed declaration and required supporting documents (including copy of proof for the $180 administration fee) to the SFO within 7 days by one of the following methods:
1. by online upload via “SFO E-link – My Applications” (; (PDF or JPEG format, max capacity 6MB); or
by post or by hand to the Student Finance Office (SFO) - Room 1204, 12/F, Cheung Sha Wan Government Offices, 303 Cheung Sha Wan Road, Kowloon (Attn : NLSPS APU).
(Underpaid mail items will not be accepted. If you submit your supplementary information by post, please ensure sufficient postage is paid and provide a return address on the back of the envelope. Otherwise, your mail may not be delivered to the SFO. For details and calculation of postage rates, please visit the Hong Kong Post’s website:
(4) after initial checking of your information provided, the SFO would issue an "Acknowledgement of Receipt of Application" within 2 to 3 weeks;
(5) if your information and documents provided are complete, you will then receive the "Notification of Result" within the coming 3 weeks;
(6) download & fill in the loan documents and return the complete set of required documents together with the original copy of receipt of the paid administrative fee to the SFO before the deadline shown on the result letter and successful register for “SFO E-link – My Bills” service. Late submission may lead to delay in loan disbursement;
(7) your borrowed NLSPS loan will normally be credited to your bank account filled in the NLSPS application form by two equal instalments through the government’s Treasury1, if applicable. The first instalment will be released within 4 weeks from the deadline for return of the loan documents. The second instalment (covering the remaining balance) may be paid in March 2020, after the re-confirmation of your tuition fee level for the whole year; and
  1 If you and/or your indemnifier has/have any arrears of grant(s) and/or loan(s) under any financial assistance/loan scheme(s) administered by the SFO, the Controller of SFO reserves the right to withhold processing of your application(s) or release of loan(s)
(8) after the disbursement of the NLSPS loan to your bank account has been arranged, the SFO will issue a "Remittance Advice" to you stipulating the amount and date of the NLSPS loan to be disbursed (=loan drawn down date).

2019/20 Application Period

You may submit online application via "SFO E-link - My Applications" ( After submitting online application form, you must signed declaration and the required supporting documents to the SFO within 7 days. The official application deadline is 14 June 2019 (Friday).

Late submission after the official deadline

Eligible applicant can submit late application via "SFO E-link - My applications" ( as soon as possible. Late application may lead to late release of loan. Also, the SFO will accord priority to those applications with complete information submitted on or before the deadline.

Neither your application nor the approval for an NLSPS loan carries any implications that the payment due date of your tuition fee has been or will be deferred by PolyU. It is your own responsibility to ensure that you are able to settle your tuition fee on or before the payment deadline.





(1) 修讀經本地評審的全日制自資副學位 (即副學士學位、高級文憑及 / 或專業文憑) 或學位程度的專上課程;及

擁有香港特別行政區 ( 簡稱「香港」) 居留權,或在開始修讀有關課程前,你或你的家庭已連續在香港居住滿3年1

(備註:這並不包括 -

  • 持香港學生簽證 / 進入許可證的留學生;

  • 持非本地畢業生留港 / 回港就業安排簽證 / 進入許可證的人士;或

  • 持由香港入境事務處處長簽發的受養人簽證 / 進入許可證來港而獲發簽證時已年滿18歲或以上的人士。)

1 假如你沒有香港居留權 (即香港身份證出生日期一欄下方沒有英文字母"A"),你必須在遞交申請時一併提供進入香港的許可證明文件副本,例如單程證 / 受養人簽證等。

倘若你及/或你的彌償人於任何由「學生資助處」所管理的學生資助/貸款計劃尚有已經要求償還但仍未償還的助學金及 / 或貸款,「學生資助處」監督有權停止處理你的貸款申請或向你發放貸款。



學生資助處YouTube 頻道介紹「專上學生資助計劃」及「專上學生免入息審查貸款計劃」

如有疑問 (例如查詢申請進度),可以信件、電郵、傳真或致電學生資助處:

地址:九龍長沙灣道303號長沙灣政府合署1204室 (鄰近深水埗地鐵站C1出口)


24小時電腦對話查詢熱線:2802 2345

NLSPS辦公時間內的查詢電話:2150 6222 (申請處理組); 3755 3155 (資肋計算及通知組); 3102 3027 / 3102 3026 (資助發放組)

NLSPS圖文傳真號碼:3101 1908 (申請處理組); 2157 9532 (資助計算及通知組); 2511 2657 (資助發放組)

電子郵址This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


(1) 合資格的學生如只申請2019/20「專上學生免入息審查貸款計劃」,即沒有申請「專上學生資助計劃」或在該計劃下並無獲得資助,最高貸款額將為申請人該學年應繳學費的總額。
(2) 假如你同時申請「專上學生資助計劃」及「專上學生免入息審查貸款計劃」,你在兩個計劃合共可獲得的最高總資助額,為你申請所涵蓋課程於2019/20學年應繳學費,加上「專上學生資助計劃」的學習開支助學金(上限港幣5,810元) 及生活費貸款(上限港幣51,470元)。如你在「專上學生資助計劃」中獲得資助,則你在「專上學生免入息審查貸款計劃」下獲得的最高貸款額將為「專上學生資助計劃」所得的資助額與兩個計劃合共的最高總資助額之間的差額,但不得超逾「專上學生免入息審查貸款計劃」的貸款上限 (即應繳學費總額)。
(3) 自2012/13學年開始,合資格學生於「全日制大專學生免入息審查貸款計劃」及「專上學生免入息審查貸款計劃」(即修讀「專上課程學生資助計劃」及「專上學生資助計劃」所涵蓋課程的學生)下會設有一個合併計算的個人終身貸款限額,該限額每年按綜合消費物價指數調整,有關限額於2019/20學年為港幣372,700元
(4) 由2012/13學年起發放的貸款將被計算於該合併終身貸款限額,該限額不屬循環性質,亦不會因任何已償還貸款而獲重新計算。
(5) 假如合併終身貸款限額未足夠讓合資格學生完成修讀首個達致學士學位程度的課程時,學生可申請使用其於「擴展的免入息審查貸款計劃」(適用於「資助專上課程學生資助計劃」及「專上學生資助計劃」不包括,但在香港修讀修讀指定的兼讀制及全日制專上和持續進修及專業教育課程的學生) 下的終身貸款限額,但以港幣100,000元為限。「學生資助處」會視乎合資格學生的情況,個別審批這類申請,考慮因素包括學生是否在修讀首個學士學位課程及課程的學費水平。


請瀏覽「學生資助處」的 網頁查閱「專上學生免入息審查貸款計劃」的利率。




銜接學位 1
1 假如你不確定自己於2019/20學年俢讀的付費學分,請在遞交網上表格前先與你所屬學院釐清。

2019/20 申請步驟

審慎理財先學好 金錢管理無難度」- 申請貸款前,請先認真考慮自己的還款能力。

「專上學生免入息審查貸款計劃」(簡稱NLSPS) 的合資格申請人可透過網上平台「學資處電子通 - 我的申請」( 遞交電子申請。
(1) 閱讀上載於「學資處電子通 - 我的申請」( 的申請指引及網上示範。
(2) 透過網上平台「學資處電子通 - 我的申請」( 遞交電子申請。
(3) 你在遞交網上申請表後 (包括已繳付港幣180元行政費的收據副本),需於七天內以下列方法遞交已簽署聲明書及證明文件
1. 透過網上平台上載( - 檔案必須以PDF或JPEG格式儲存及不可超過6MB;或
2. 郵寄或親身遞交往「學生資助處」- 九龍長沙灣道303號長沙灣政府合署樓1204室 (經辦人:專上學生免入息審查貸款計劃 (處理申請組))
(學資處不會接收郵資不足的信件。假如以郵寄方式遞交證明文件,請確保郵件已付足夠郵費,並於信封背面寫上回郵地址。否則你的郵件未必可送達至學資處。查詢 郵費詳情,請瀏覽香港郵政網頁:
(4) 「學生資助處」在收到申請後,會於2至3星期內向你發出「接獲申請通知書」;
(5) 如你填報及遞交的資料齊備,你可在「學生資助處」發出「接獲申請通知書」後3星期內獲發「申請結果通知書」;
(6) 你需於「學資處」網頁下載貸款文件,並在通知書上列明的期限前遞交所有有關貸款所需的文件及已繳付行政費收據正本予「學資處」(遲交貸款文件可能會延誤貸款發放的日期);並需成功登記「學資處電子通 - 我的帳單」。
(7) 你所借取的「專上學生免入息審查貸款」,會平分兩期直接存入你在申請表填報的銀行帳戶1。第一期將於「申請結果通知書」的期限約四星期內發放。第二期貸款(餘下貸款)最早約於2020年3月,在確實你的全年學費金額後發放;以及
倘若你及 / 或你的彌償人於任何由「學資處」所管理的學生資助 / 貸款計劃尚有已經要求償還但仍未償還的助學金及 / 或貸款,該處監督有權停止處理你的申請或向你發放貸款。
(8) 在完成貸款發放安排後,「學生資助處」會向你發出「發放貸款通知書」,信上列明你所借取的貸款發放日期 (即貸款借取日) 及金額。

2019/20 申請日期

你可透過網上平台「學資處電子通 - 我的申請」( 遞交申請,並於七天內遞交已簽署聲明書及證明文件予「學生資助處」。截止申請日期為2019年6月14日 (星期五)

符合申請資格的同學可嘗試經由網上平台「學資處電子通 - 我的申請」( ,儘早遞交遲交申請。但是,逾期申請可能會延誤貸款的發放,「學生資助處」也會優先處理截止日期或之前提交的申請。