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  1. Students must read carefully the General Information on Student Lockers available at Centre STARS webpage ( before application and use of any lockers provided on campus.

  2. Request for relocation of locker is NOT allowed. Applicants should choose locker location carefully before submitting their application.

  3. Lockers are meant for storing study related items e.g. books, notes, stationery and related academic materials. Storage of any items that would cause or is likely to cause danger or nuisance to the environment or other members of the University e.g. explosives, pets, etc. are prohibited. Students are also advised not to store any valuable items such as cash, digital devices, personal identity documents etc. inside the lockers. The University will not be responsible for the loss or damage of any items stored inside the lockers. Students must take full responsibility for the items stored in their lockers.

  4. Students must keep their lockers locked at all times. If Centre STARS finds any assigned lockers unlocked, a warning notice would be issued. If those lockers are still unlocked 6 days after issuance of warning notice, Centre STARS reserves the right to lock such locker with our own padlock and suspend it from use. The Office reserves the right to dispose of items found inside if the locker users still do not properly lock their lockers within 2 months upon receipt of warning notice or at the end of rental period, whichever is earlier.  If locker users would like to return the locker to Centre STARS before the end of the rental period, they should inform Centre STARS  through sending an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or via

  5. Students should prepare their own padlocks to lock their lockers.  High quality steel-padlocks with  base of 35-40 mm wide is recommended.  Combination padlocks or other padlocks are not recommended.

  6. Locker users should pay frequent visit to the locker allocated and stay alert against possible theft.

  7. No stickers or posters are allowed on both the interior and exterior of the locker.

  8. Locker users must observe the rental period and deadline of clearance which they have given consent when submitting the application for locker rental. The deadline in the academic year 2019/20 is 18 July 2020.

  9. Occupying student locker(s) without proper application & approving procedures, and failure to observe the deadline of clearance are treated as unauthorized use. Centre STARS will check regularly and force open any locker(s) and dispose of any items found inside lockers occupied by any unauthorized user(s). Centre STARS is not liable for any loss or damage of items cleared from lockers occupied by unauthorized users.

  10. The University reserves the right, in case of emergency or violation of the Regulations Governing the Use of Student Lockers, to take possession of the locker(s) concerned, to dispose of items found inside and to forfeit the right for using locker without prior notice.  The University is not liable for any loss or damage of the property found inside the locker(s) under such circumstance.

  11. Students are advised to pay attention to possible disciplinary consequence arising from misuse of university amenities:

    • The locker so allocated through proper application channel is deemed for use by the students who have made the application. Any student found to have given the right of locker access to other person or any outsider(s) are subject to student disciplinary actions.

    • Storage of any items of illegal nature or of which may cause or is likely to cause a health hazard, security risk, physical danger or a nuisance to the environment/the University/general public (e.g. perishable food, explosives, pets, weapons, etc.) is strictly prohibited. Such cases will be referred to the Student Discipline Committee of the University.

    • Any violation of the locker regulations may result in termination of the use of locker and/or confiscation of items kept inside locker and/or suspension of use of locker in the future. Centre STARS reserves the right to charge an administrative cost of $100 for forcing open locker with unauthorized and/or improper use. Our Office reserves the right to take disciplinary actions against students who do not observe the rules governing the use of locker as well as those who do not settle the $100 administrative cost for forcing open overdue locker or locker with unauthorized use.


  1. Never keep valuable items inside your locker.
  2. Use a strong and fit padlock.


Attention: Users of locker rental service

All users should take note of the deadline of 18 July 2020 when their lockers are expected to be vacated and returned for routine cleaning and annual maintenance. Centre STARS reserves the right to force open any locker(s) and dispose of items found inside locker(s) after the deadline of 18 July 2020. An administrative cost of $100 (subject to change) would be charged on users who fail to vacate and return their locker.