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近視研究的代表文章(只提供英文版) | 眼睛老化的代表文章(只提供英文版) | 其他研究文章

2008 or before (只提供英文版)

Title Authors
Detection of acanthamoeba in tap water and contact lens cases using polymerase chain reaction. Optom Vis Sci, Vol. 85, pp. 526-530 (2008) BOOST M., CHO P., LAI S., SUN W.M.
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Inhibitions of chloride transport and gap junction reduce fluid flow across the whole porcine ciliary epithelium. Invest Ophthalmol Vis Sci (2008) LAW C.S., CANDIA O.A., TO C.H.
Bilateral juvenile open angle glaucoma in two Chinese children: case report. Clin Exp Optom, Vol. 91, pp. 403-410 (2008) NG L.H.Y, LUNG J.C.Y.
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