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Advice & Views from Optometry Experts

Date  Staff Source  Topics
26 Dec
Dr Kee Chea-su  
  • Next Magazine  
Blue light 
29 Nov 
Prof. Pauline Cho
  • Apple Daily 
Patient’s rights 
21 Nov Prof. To Chi-ho    
  • E-zone 
Smartphone causes eye damages 
10 Nov Prof. Pauline Cho 
  • The Borneo Post 
More to contact lenses than meets the eye 
5 Nov  Prof. To Chi-ho    
  • Hong Kong Economic Times  
27 Oct Prof. Pauline Cho    Coloured contact lens
26 Oct Prof. Pauline Cho   
  • Commercial Radio
  • ATV Evening News
Coloured contact lens
19 Oct Prof. Pauline Cho   
  • See Hua Daily News 
Coloured contact lens
3 Oct Dr Larry Ng    Shortage of Optometrist
16 Sep Dr Kee Chea-su  
  • TVB Weekly 
Avoiding Presbyopia
Sep Dr Kee Chea-su  
  • Health Action 
20 Aug Prof. To Chi-ho   
  • Hong Kong Economic Times 
School of Optometry (Shortage of Optometrist)
20 Jul  Dr Kee Chea-su  
  • Mingpao Weekly 
13 Jul  Dr Kee Chea-su 
  • Mingpao Weekly 
4 Jul Prof. Carly Lam   
  • Hong Kong Commercial Daily 
Smart Eye Outreaching Project for The Elderly 
Jul Ms Bibianna Yu 
  • Health Baby 
To know more about amblyopia 
25 Jun Dr Henry Chan  
  • Mingpao Weekly 
Choice of desk lamp  
25 Jun Dr Kee Chea-su 
  • Sing Tao Daily
25 Jun Mr. Peter Pang Smart Eye Outreaching Project for The Elderly
3 Jun Dr Jeremy Guggenheim
  • Ming Pao Daily News
  • South China Morning Post
Discovery of genetic genes that increase the risk of myopia
30 May Dr Kee Chea-su   Presbyopia 
16 May Mr. Peter Pang
  • Oriental Daily News
Children's eye care
4 May Dr Kee Chea-su  
  • Mingpao Weekly 
Choosing swimming goggles for children
19 Mar Dr Allen Cheong  
  • iKid
Albino children
16 Mar Dr Henry Chan 
  • Ming Pao Daily News
Choice of light bulb
12 Mar Dr Allen Cheong 
  • Ming Pao Daily News
Use of smartphone by elderly
22 Jan  Mr. Peter Pang and   Dr Allen Cheong 
  • Ming Pao Daily News 
16 Jan Dr Larry Ng  
  • Headline Daily 
Risk of developing anisometropia into lazy eye
7 Jan  Dr Larry Ng 
  • Hong Kong Broadband Network news 
Ocular complications related to the use of artificial eyelashes and related cosmetics 
Jan  Dr Allen Cheong 
  • Health Action 
Color blindness