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Research Facilities

The School is equipped with a wide range of cutting edge instruments for both clinical and basic research studies.

Clinical studies

  • Heidelberg Spectralis OCT-Plus Bluepeak SD-OCT
  • Ocular health assessment tools such as fundus cameras, nerve fibre layer thickness analyzer, ultrasonography instruments, laser confocal systems, optical coherent tomography and
  • HRT for optic nerve head analysis and aberrometers
  • Flash and multifocal electroretinography systems
  • Adaptive Optics Retinal Camera
  • Visual field analyzers
  • Eye tracking and eye movement system (Tobii Eye Tracker)
  • UV Transmittance Measurement and contact lens 3D profiling system
  • Rotlex Free-form Lens Verification System
  • Tearlab Osmolarity System

Basic studies

  • RETImap
  • Phoenix Micron IV : Retinal Imaging Microscope
  • Multielectrode arrays • Repetitive TMS System
  • Patch-clamping system (single and double patch)
  • Automated Blade Microtome
  • Confocal microscope

Large Equipment

University-level Facility

  • Please click here .