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Current Research Facilities

We have a fully equipped research clinic for myopia research. The facilities include subjective and objective refraction units, ocular health assessment tools such as fundus cameras, nerve fibre layer thickness analyzer, ultrasonography instruments, laser confocal systems, optical coherent tomography and HRT for optic nerve head analysis and aberrometers.

We also have visual function testing systems such as the flash and multifocal electroretinography systems and visual field analyzers.

We have a number of fully equipped laboratories for basic science investigations. Our cellular physiology laboratory has a patch-clamping setup for studying ion channels, Ussing-type chamber set-up for transcellular transport fluorescent microscope with dyes for intracellular recordings. Our proteomic laboratory has a number of two-dimensional electrophoresis (2DE) units, a fully automated preparative system coupled to a MALDI-ToF, a Typhoon system for DIGE (Differential In-gel Electrophoresis), a nanoLCMS/MS for post-translational modification investigations. Our genomic laboratory has a range of high through-put molecular biology instruments for amplifying and sequencing DNAs and genotyping.