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2011-2012 (只提供英文版)

Principal Investigator
Project Title Source of Funding
Dr Chea-su KEE Prof. Yongping ZHENG
In-vivo Measure of Corneal Biomechanics Using a Novel Air-jet Optical Coherent Tomography (OCT) System RGC Direct Allocation- Fund for GRF Project Rated 3.5 (DA)
Dr Allen CHEONG Dr Roger Wing-Hong LI
(University of California, Berkeley, United States)
Dr Wai Nam TSANG
Prof. Suan Jennifer LEAT
(University of Waterloo, Canada)
Dynamic Visual Function and Functional Postural Performance in Older People and the Impact of Visual Training RGC Direct Allocation- Fund for GRF Project Rated 3.5 (DA)
Prof. Carly LAM Dr Sally A. MCFADDEN
(The University of Newcastle, Australia)
Dr Dennis TSE
Prof. Chi-ho TO
Modulation of mammalian ocular growth with competing defocus
RGC General Research Fund
Prof. Chi-ho TO


Dr Thomas LAM Proteomic Profiling and Post-Translational Modifications in Retina of Lens Induced Myopic (LIM) Guinea Pigs RGC  General Research Fund
Dr Allen CHEONG Dr Henry CHAN Effect of Simulated Visual Impairment in Scene Perception in Geriatric Population
RGC Direct Allocation- Internal Competitive Research Grant (DA)
Dr Chea-su KEE Dr Roger W.H. LI
(UC Berkeley, United States)
Reversing Astigmatism-related Amblyopia beyond the Critical Period of Visual Development: An Active Videogame Training with Bi-aspheric Lens Design Approach
Departmental General Research Fund


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