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News & Events > Advice & Views from Optometry Experts > 2014


Advice & Views from Optometry Experts

Date  Staff Source  Topics
25 Nov  Dr Chi-wai Do
  • The Standard 
Eye, eye, sir!  
20 Nov  Dr Larry Ng 
  • Sing Pao 
Bad vision found among 80% of the elderly leading to higher risk of falling  
17 Nov  School of Optometry 
  • Sing Tao Daily
Invention of electronic system for instant eye examination result analysis  
7 Nov  Dr Kee Chea-su 
  • Ming Pao Daily News 
PolyU professionals testing the usefulness of anti-bluelight products  
27 Oct  Dr Larry Ng 
  • Ming Pao Daily News 
Bad vision of the elderly increasing risk of falling by 75%  
20 Oct  Prof. Pauline Cho
  • Hong Kong Economic Times
  • Sky Post  
Wearing coloured contact lens may cause corneal injury
10 Oct  Prof. George Woo and
Dr Allen Cheong        
  •  Sing Pao
Eyesight problems may cause accidents among the elderly
9 Oct  Dr Chi-wai Do   Overuse of electronic devices increases number of children with myopia
8 Oct  Prof. George Woo and Dr Larry Ng          Bad vision leading to falls of the elderly
18 Sep  Dr Kee Chea-su
  •  Apple Daily
Inappropriate use of anit blue-light glasses possibly causing chromatic aberration and affecting hormones  
29 Aug Dr Kee Chea-su Using blue-light spectacles may cause presbyopia
22 Aug Prof. Carly Lam
  • South China Morning Post
Eye check & blood-related diseases
29 Jul Dr Chi-wai Do  
  • Hong Kong Daily News
Free vision screening and spectacles prescription for primary school students
22 Jul  Dr Chi-wai Do Eye tests for children of low income families
27 Jun  Dr Kee Chea-su
  •  Television Broadcasts Limited
Children's addiction on mobile phones
6 Jun Prof. Pauline Cho
  • South China Morning Post
Risk of eye treatment exaggerated
27 May Mr Peter Pang
  • Television Broadcasts Limited
Test on Anti-bluelight lens 
7 May Prof. Pauline Cho Ortho-K lenses slowing down myopia progression 
29 Apr  Prof. Pauline Cho
  • United Daily News
Dye of 80% coloured contact lenses easily detached 
16 Mar Dr Kee Chea-su 
  • Wen Wei Po
Progressive lenses
28 Feb Prof. To Chi-ho
  • Ming Pao Daily News 
Mission of Optometrists 
8 Feb Prof. Pauline Cho 
  • Ming Pao Weekly 
Useful tips for contact lens wearer
3 Feb  Prof. Pauline Cho 
  • South China Morning Post 
Losing sight of the dangers of beauty contact lenses 


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