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News & Events
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News & Events

School of Optometry Newsletter


  Issue 1
  • Staying Connected with Optometry Education during the Coronavirus Pandemic


  Issue 2
  • TMU and PolyU Co-establish Joint Laboratory of Optometry and Vision Science
  Issue 1
  • Extending Myopia Control Technology Impact Into The Greater Bay Area


  Issue 2
  • School of Optometry 40th Anniversary Commemorative Booklet
  Issue 1
  • Optometry Scientists Turn Novel Myopia Control Contact Lens Into A Commercial Product


  Issue 1
  • Vision of Love Mobile Eye Care Project


  Issue 2
  • An Integrated Hub for Clinical and Translational Research – Optometry Research Clinic
  Issue 1
  • Equipping a Better Clinic, Enriching Quality Learning and Teaching



Issue 2

  • A Promising All-natural Herbal Supplement for the Treatment of Glaucoma

Issue 1

  • Kick-off of the Lai King Project 



Issue 3  

  • In Celebration of the 35th Anniversary of PolyU-Optometry 
2014_02 Issue 2 
  • The School Launches a New General University Requirements (GUR) Service-learning Subject (SO2S01)

Issue 1

  • PolyU Optometrist Raises Alert on the Potential Risk of Coloured Contact Lenses



Issue 2

  • The Year That Was, And A New Head At PolyU's School Of Optometry

Issue 1

  • PolyU's Integrative Community Health Centre Receives Social Capital Builders Award


Issue 2

  • Orthokeratology - Education and Research at PolyU 

Issue 1

  • Part I Optometrists Participate Elderly Health Care Voucher Scheme


Issue 2

  • PolyU-Optometry Co-hosts The 18th Asia Pacific Optometric Congress 

Issue 1

  • PolyU and Squina "Loving Heart" Volunteer Team Extend  "Comprehensive Eye Check Project for the Elderly"


  Issue 3
  • Long Service Award

Issue 2 

  • A Faithful Diving Buddy: An Innovative Invention For Sports Vision
2010 Spring Issue Cover

Spring Issue

  • PolyU-Optometry-Continuing Education for Registered Optometrists (Part IV)


 2009 Summer Issue Cover

Summer Issue

  • PolyU-Optometry-Preparing for the Influenza A (H1N1) VIRUS
2009 Spring Issue

Spring Issue

  • Optometry - A Caring Profession
    Community Outreach


2008 December Issue

December Issue

  • PolyU-Optometry - Engaging Regional and International Optometry Education
 2008 September Issue 

September Issue

  • In Celebration of the 30th Anniversary of PolyU-Optometry
 2008 May Issue

May Issue

  • Healthcare Reforms and its Implications for Optometry
2008 February Issue

February Issue

  • School Retreats


2007 November Issue

November Issue

  • New Academic Year
2007 July Issue

July Issue

  • 2007: Another Year of Achievements




2006 October Issue

October Issue

  • Departmental Assessment


2006 February

February Issue

  • World Council of Optometry


     2005 November Issue

November Issue

  • School of Optometry 
     2005 June Issue June Issue
  • Successful 2nd Asia Cornea and Contact Lens Conference
     2005 February  February Issue
  • Outlook for 2005


2004 November Issue

November Issue

  • First Formal Certification in Orthokeratology Practice
2004 August Issue

August Issue

  • Optometry: Our time has come
     2004 May Issue

May Issue

  • The 1st Asia Cornea and Contact Lens Conference
2004 January Issue

January Issue

  • The 1st Hong Kong Optometric Conference




2003 October Issue

October Issue

  • Children Vision Services
2003 June Issue

June Issue

  • Message from the Head of Department