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Welcome to the platform of the Learning and Teaching Committee (SLTC) of the School of Nursing (SN).

The School of Nursing aspires to provide quality teaching programmes to achieve learning and teaching excellence. The SLTC functions to ensure, maintain, and improve the quality of teaching and learning within the School, and monitors the reviews of educational programmes and operations in the School on an annual basis. International standards on both the theory and execution of nursing education in our programmes are high.

Staff and students are of equal importance to the SLTC. The SLTC is to serve our teaching staff and students, as well as to lead the ongoing development of learning and teaching in the School. The committee focuses in achieving learning and teaching excellence for the benefit of our students and ensuring the quality of our teaching and programmes. Drawing on the collective wisdom of our teaching staff and embracing research-led teaching, strategies incorporating advanced technology-assisted approaches have been formulated to ensure the quality of learning and teaching for the benefit of our students.

SLTC strives to provide students with a supportive and positive teaching and learning environment. To achieve the goal for improving our students' learning outcomes and experiences, a Deputy Chair of the School's Teaching and Learning Committee and a Lead for Improving the Student Experience have been appointed. The mission of SN is to provide quality education to nurture new generations of professional nurses, who assume social responsibility for serving the needy. The School’s Programme Committees and Student/Staff Consultation Groups have played pivotal roles in gathering views from our students and teaching staff.

The School and the SLTC are determined to make the experience of our students during the course of their studies a priority. We are keen to positively and holistically improve our student experiences through various means. By sharing with students our values and passion for improving the student experience, the students will have a better understanding of how they are unique human beings and how to be future health care practitioners with the heart to serve their clients and the vision to lead.

Chair of School Learning and Teaching Committee
Associate Professor & Associate Head (Postgraduate Education)