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Interdisciplinary Centre for Qualitative Research

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Welcome to the Interdisciplinary Centre for Qualitative Research

The Interdisciplinary Centre for Qualitative Research (ICQR) of The Hong Kong Polytechnic University is the first dedicated interdisciplinary qualitative research centre in Asia. Established in 2021, the ICQR aims to generate and transfer knowledge through qualitative research into the clinical and business setting.  We also believe qualitative research methods are proving increasingly beneficial in exploring and answering those questions that cannot be easily answered by quantitative approaches alone. Indeed, the role of qualitative research allows for a more thorough exploration in examining individual experiences in all their complexity and in the contexts where these experiences take place which can be particularly conductive to policy design and improvement.

Our team of experienced researchers have expertise in a variety of qualitative research methods including phenomenology, grounded theory, narrative inquiry, mixed methods, ethnography and discourse analysis along with expertise in qualitative data analysis. We are also skilled in supervising higher degree students in qualitative research. 

Our objectives are to:

  • Build local, national and international capacity in theoretically-informed qualitative research, scholarship and training;
  • Promote the development, adaptation, and evaluation of qualitative methods and their application to business and health care theory and practice;
  • Facilitate change in interdisciplinary research such that qualitative research can complement and make meaningful contributions to knowledge production and translation.

ICQR’s Mission is to:

“Provide and promote excellence in qualitative inquiry for those who seek to advance a better quality of life for all”

To achieve the goals of the ICQR in developing a culture of qualitative research encompass:

  • Goal 1: Related to the Interdisciplinary Team:
    • To develop and advance qualitative research expertise;
    • Provide high level mentorship and supervision for individuals undertaking tertiary studies using qualitative approaches.
  • Goal 2: Related to Implementation Science and Knowledge Transfer:
    • Develop an active translational qualitative research culture;
    • Develop service processes by establishing a test bed for new ideas and approaches to health and patient care delivery based on both qualitative and quantitative approaches.

ICQR’s Vision is to:

“Foster a collaborative, integrative and translational forum to enhance qualitative research through education and training”

We value honesty and integrity, interdisciplinary collaboration, intellectual inquiry, knowledge generation and translation and capacity building.

Team Members

  Position School/Department
Dr Martin Christensen Director School of Nursing
Prof. E. Angela Chan
Associate Head (Undergraduate Education) & Professor
School of Nursing
Dr Eileen Cheng
Assistant Professor
School of Nursing
Dr Betty Chung
Teaching Fellow
School of Nursing
Dr Ivy Zhao
Research Assistant Professor
School of Nursing
Dr Judy Siu
Associate Professor
Department of Applied Social Science
Dr Iris Lo
Assistant Professor
Department of Applied Social Science
Dr Fadi Al Zoubi
Assistant Professor
Department of Rehabilitation Sciences
Dr Sally Cao
Research Assistant Professor
Department of Rehabilitation Sciences
Dr Richard Xu
Assistant Professor
Department of Rehabilitation Sciences
Dr Margo Turnbull
Assistant Professor
Department of English and Communication

Global Network

Education & Training

  • Qualitative Systematic Review & Meta-Synthesis Training - Centre of Evidence-based Practice for Health Care Policy: A JBI Affiliated Group
  • Theoretical Foundations of Qualitative Research
  • QUalitAtive ResEarch Training Database (QUARET)

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Wanting a career as a qualitative researcher in your area of expertise, but not sure what type of project you can do? The Interdisciplinary Centre for Qualitative Research and Training QUARET database provides you with a list of available qualitative research projects from Honours to PhD along with potential supervisors. If any of the projects don’t take your interest and you want to pursue different qualitative project ideas, please contact the Interdisciplinary Centre for Qualitative Research and Training.

News & Events

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Research & Publications

Project Title Funding Support
The Lived Experience of Secondary School Teachers in Supporting Students with Mental Health Issues.  Mining LIANG (Postgraduate Research Student) PhD
Exploring experience of the well elderly for advance care planning using card game in Hong Kong. Agnes Wing Ki YIP (Postgraduate Research Student)
Exploring Hong Kong general ward nurses’ experiences and needs of transitional care for patients discharged from ICU. Connie YAU (Master Student)

MSc (Research)


A qualitative study exploring and understanding Hong Kong intensive care nurses’ lived experience in end-of-life care. Michel CHAN (Master Student) MSc (Research)
To better understand the lived experience of older carers of persons with dementia in Hong Kong. Lok Yee LI (Master Student) MSc (Research)
To better understand service users’ experiences of psychiatric involuntary admission in Hong Kong. Chi Sing LAU (Master Student) MSc (Research)
What is the experience of palliative care nurses using video to reflect on their palliative care communication practices Ka Ling AU (Master Student) MSc (Research)
The lived experience of pediatric nurse-caregiver relationship in the PICU: a descriptive phenomenological study (Erika Yuen)  MSc (Research)

  1. Ma, P.H.X., Ma, Y., Ge, S., Wang, S., Zhao, I.Y., Christensen, M., (2022). Intrapersonal and interpersonal level factors influencing self-care practices among Hong Kong individuals with COVID-19—A qualitative study. Frontiers in Public Health. 10;  DOI=10.3389/fpubh.2022.964944 
  2. Siu J.Y.M., Cao Y., Shum D.H.K. (2022). Perceptions of and hesitancy toward COVID-19 vaccination in older Chinese adults in Hong Kong: A qualitative study. BMC Geriatrics, 22: 288. DOI: 10.1186/s12877-022-03000-y
  3. Siu J.Y.M. (2022). The Role of Social and Cultural Values in Pandemic Control in a Chinese Community: An Ethnographic Study on the Construction and Stigmatization of “Others” in Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS) and COVID-19 in Hong Kong. International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health (Special issue: Addressing Health Inequalities: Focus on Social and Cultural Determinants), 19(20): 13517. DOI: 10.3390/ijerph192013517
  4. Siu J.Y.M.*, Chan E.A., Li A.S.C., Lee Y.M. (2022). Motivations and deterrents of blood donation among blood donors during the COVID-19 pandemic in Hong Kong. Health Expectations. DOI: 10.1111/hex.13626
  5. Ma, H., Zhao, T., Wan, C., Liu, F., Christensen, M., (2022). ‘And I thought having a cancer diagnosis was hard’: a descriptive phenomenological study of family caregiver experiences navigating the pre-hospital system during COVID-19. European Journal of Oncology Nursing. DOI:10.1016/j.ejon.2022.102255

  6. Stevens, E., Lohan, A., Petch, J., Lee, J., Bickerdike, A., & Cao, Y. (2022) “We were actually able to sit down and talk”: Australian parents and practitioners navigating dynamics of power and emotion in Family Dispute Resolution. Journal of Family Studies,

Contact Us

Contact Us

Interdisciplinary Centre for Qualitative Research

School of Nursing
The Hong Kong Polytechnic University
Hung Hom, Kowloon

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