“Service-Learning in Secondary School: Pedagogy & Practice” (English version) can be accessed here.

「中學服務學習:教學方法與實踐」網上課程 (中文版) 連結


Titled “Service-Learning in Secondary School: Pedagogy & Practice”, the e-Learning course introduces the concept of service-learning and the pedagogical knowledge and skills required for planning and implementing an effective service-learning programme. Multimedia and peer-to-peer interaction are incorporated to create an engaging instructional environment. The course consists of the following 6 units and will take approximately 15 hours of study effort.

  • Unit 1: What is Service-Learning?
  • Unit 2: Benefits and Challenges of Service-Learning
  • Unit 3: Developing and Sustaining Community Partnership
  • Unit 4: Designing and Implementing Service-Learning
  • Unit 5: Facilitating Reflection
  • Unit 6: Assessing Student Outcomes in Service-Learning