Project Leaflet (English Version)

Project Leaflet (中文版)


Academic Service-Learning (SL) is an experiential learning approach that integrates rigorous academic study with meaningful community service and deep reflections. SL has been shown to be effective at achieving a diversity of intellectual, social, personal and civic learning outcomes (Celio, Durlak & Dymnicki, 2011; Warren, 2012; Yorio & Ye, 2012).

Teachers are the key to quality education. Through this capacity building project, we aim to equip­ teachers with the essential attitudes, knowledge and skills that will be useful in promoting meaningful social engagement for young people that enhances their academic learning.


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comment alt1 fill 32x32   Introduce academic SL as a powerful education pedagogy for secondary school teachers

lightbulb 20x32     Develop teachers’ confidence, attitude, knowledge and practical skills on SL

tag fill 32x32   Build a community of practice (CoP) in SL education in secondary education

cog alt 32x32   Promote responsible and empathetic citizenship development in secondary education through “train-the-trainer” approach



Celio, C., Durlak, J., & Dymnicki, A. (2011). A Meta-Analysis of the Impact of Service-Learning on Students. Journal of Experiential Education, 34(2), 164-181.

Warren, Y. L. (2012). Does Service-Learning Increase Student Learning?: A Meta-Analysis, Michigan Journal of Community Service Learning, 18(2). 56-61.

Yorio, P. L., and Ye, F. (2012). A Meta-Analysis on the Effects of Service-Learning on the Social, Personal, and Cognitive Outcomes of Learning, Academy of Management Learning & Education, 11(1). 9-27.


Project Components

SL educator certification course

This one-year systematic programme includes conceptual learning, skills training, field observation, mentoring and guidance with the objective of assisting participants to develop, implement and evaluate their own SL programme. The total study effort will be 55 hours*. 

*Applicable to Continuing Professional Development hours for teachers and principals.

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Community of Practice on Service-Learning for Secondary Schools (CoP-SLSS)

The Community of Practice on Service-Learning for Secondary Schools (CoP-SLSS) has the objective of supporting continuous professional development, knowledge and experience exchange, and peer support, as well as facilitating cross-school and cross-sector collaborations.


Scholarships for SL professional development

To encourage continuous professional development of teachers, scholarships are available to subsidise professional development short course in related areas, or to attend international conferences and/or explore collaborations and partnerships.



A curated collection of ready-for-use evaluation tools, educational kits and teaching materials, grading tools and exemplar projects.


 “Introduction to Service-Learning” online course for students

This course is intended for use as a primer for students to introduce them to service-learning before they get started. There will be a total of four modules (3 hours) in the module covering the following topics:

  • What is service-learning?
  • Why is service-learning good for you?
  • How do I conduct a service-learning project?
  • How do I learn from service-learning?