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Congratulation to PolyU Design Outstanding Alumni Award 2024 awardees

(中文版本在本頁底部) The Hong Kong Polytechnic University School of Design (PolyU Design) is pleased to announce the recipients of the PolyU Design Outstanding Alumni Awards 2024. The awards aim to give recognition to outstanding graduates of PolyU Design for their professional achievements, active support to their alma mater, impactful contributions to the wider community as well as to uphold the highest values and standards in everything they do.  Two award groups are introduced to celebrate alumni from different stages of life: The Distinguished Design Alumni of the Year and The Young Design Alumni of the Year. The judging panel for the awards was represented by Associate Dean Professor Peter Hasdell (Chairman), Professor of Practice Mr Benny Leong, the Former Chairman of the SD Alumni Association Ms Grace Lau, and PolyU Outstanding Alumnus Mr Dennis Chan, the Founder & Creative Director of Qeelin Limited. 2024 Distinguished Design Alumnus of the Year for Professional Achievement Mr Ed NG Chung Hong Principal / Co-founder, AB Concept BA in Design (Interior Design) in 1991   Upon graduating with a Bachelor of Arts in Design (Interior Design) in 1991, Ed made the deliberate choice to pursue a career in hospitality design, driven by his keen interest in exploring cultures on a global scale. Prior to establishing his interior design powerhouse, AB Concept, with his partner in 1999, he strategically acquired valuable experience in design, architecture and development practices.   Ed passionately believes that good interior design revolves around the human experience and that a hospitality designer acts as a cultural partner. By incorporating their own tastes and know-how into interior designs, hospitality designers can create unique experiences that are rooted in local ingredients, such as culture and craftsmanship, thereby enriching the design narrative.  “I consider myself incredibly fortunate to have grown up in Hong Kong, a city with an open-minded appreciation for diverse cultures”, Ed remarked. This upbringing laid a solid foundation for Ed’s curiosity and search for understanding in designing distinctive hospitality experiences that reflect his own artistic language.   Ed leads a design team with bases in Hong Kong, Taipei, Kyoto, London and Milan that has undertaken top-tier hotel projects spanning different continents, such as the renowned Argo destination bar at the Four Seasons Hotel Hong Kong and the captivating W Algarve by W Hotels in the Algarve, Portugal. Other projects include the recently renovated lobby lounge at the Ritz-Carlton Tokyo and the iconic Italian restaurant Paper Moon located in the Raffles London at The Old War Office. The designer is presently involved in the design of the highly anticipated Rosewood Resort in the Red Sea and the Shangri-la Hotel in Kyoto. He also designs products for top luxury brands, such as Poltrona Frau and Tai Ping.   Since 2018, Ed has chosen to reside predominantly in the heart of the mountain forest in Karuizawa, Nagano, Japan, which allows him to focus on the creative aspects of his work and draw inspiration from the ever-changing beauty of nature. Recently, the private house that Ed designed for himself was featured in the New York Times’ T Magazine. 2024 Distinguished Design Alumnus of the Year for Professional Achievement Mr WONG Yuk Po Jacky Founder and CEO, 3omethingchic Groups BA in Design (Fashion with Visual Communication) in 2003   Jacky graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Design (Fashion with Visual Communication) in 2003. Following his multidisciplinary studies at the School of Design in the same year, Jacky was recruited by a Belgian brand that operates in multinational markets. Jacky later won the Top 10 Finalist Designers honour in the Hong Kong Young Designers’ Contest 2006.   After beginning his career in the Chinese market, Jacky was appointed Brand Director and Deputy General Manager of a Singapore-listed company and collaborated closely with top Asian artist Stefanie Sun. This company was recognised as a new force in the Chinese market.   Jacky then established his own company, and his work has been recognised by various global companies and multinational brands due to the company’s input on various design formats, from brand strategy planning, merchandise design, and production to marketing and creative spaces. His clients include Coca Cola, Arena and the top guitar brand, Gibson, among others.   In 2018, Jacky launched his own fashion/art lifestyle new retail IP, 3omthingchic or 3TC, which has created fashion/art lifestyle spaces in Shanghai, Suzhou, Hangzhou, Singapore and Tokyo.  In 2022, Jacky was invited to create an NFT digital asset for Sanxingdui Ruins by the Intangible Cultural Heritage office for Sichuan Province, China and was also appointed as the office’s Creative Design Adviser.  In 2023, Jacky was appointed as the Planner, Space Design Director, and Lifestyle Merchandise Designer and Producer for the Hong Kong Palace Museum’s cultural and creative product space in Beijing, China. 2024 Young Design Alumna of the Year for Entrepreneurial Achievement Ms Malou KO Founder & Creative, THE CABINET BA in Design (Industrial & Product) in 2010   Malou is an international award-winning branding designer based in Hong Kong who graduated in 2010 with a BA in Design (Industrial and Product) from the School of Design at the Hong Kong Polytechnic University. In 2005, she launched THE CABINET design studio, where she has worked on more than 200 international and local projects with over 120 clients, including Standard Chartered, Cathay Pacific, Ralph Lauren, Sheraton, KEF, Nan Fung Group, The “Star” Ferry, Chubb and Starbucks, among others. Malou connects people through her designs.   She has won more than 90 local and international design awards, including the Golden Pin Design Award, Creative Communication Award, Kyoto Global Design Awards, International Design Awards, London International Creative Competition, DNA Paris Design Awards, Grands Prix Du Design, Hong Kong Brand Design Awards, HKDA Global Design Awards and Hong Kong Smart Design Award. Malou was invited by the European Cultural Centre to exhibit at the Venice Design 2017. Her work has been described as pleasing, delicate and impactful.   In 2020, Malou established her own lifestyle design brand, HumanKind. By exploring different human thoughts and reactions, she hopes to design humorous products that can bring happiness to people. HumanKind’s first design release, Wishes Plate, has won 10 design awards and has been featured in Marie Claire, Esquire and Art and Piece, among other publications, and is available from M+ Museum, Asia Society Hong Kong Center, JOYCE and Murray Hotel in Hong Kong, and from the Grand Lisboa Palace in Macau, Taiwan, and Yuu Oriental in Kobe, Japan. 2024 Young Design Alumna of the Year for Community Service Achievement   Ms LEUNG Man Wai Comma Creative Director, Mosi Design Limited BA in Design (Visual Communication) in 2015   After graduating with a BA in Design (Visual Communication) from the School of Design at the Hong Kong Polytechnic University in 2015, Comma worked for famous design studios in Japan. In 2015, she founded Mosi Mosi, which aims to connect people through design, and began collaborating with diverse peoples to promote social inclusion.   Her achievements have been well recognised, as Comma has won awards in the fields of design and social enterprises, including the DFA (Design For Asia) Awards, Pentawards’ Silver Award, Golden Pin Design Award, Design for Asia Hong Kong Young Design Talent Award, Hong Kong Designers Association Hong Kong Best and Hong Kong Social Enterprise Challenge Champion and Best Social Mission. Her works have been showcased worldwide, including in Germany, Japan and Taiwan. Comma was featured in a documentary produced by NHK, the Japanese broadcasting company. She was also interviewed by Radio Sweden. 理大設計公佈2024年度傑出校友獎得獎者   香港理工大學設計學院(下稱「理大設計」或「學院」)公佈2024年度理大設計傑出校友獎得獎者。 大會共選出四位理大設計畢業生為今年得獎者,以表揚及肯定各人的專業成就,對設計行業和社會的重大貢獻。大會設有兩個年齡組別獎項來表彰來自不同階段的佳績,分別是「年度傑出設計校友」及「年度傑出年輕設計校友」。 評審委員由理大設計副院長Peter Hasdell教授領導,成員包括實務教授梁清河先生、前理大設計校友會主席劉君璧小姐,及傑出理大校友Qeelin創辦人暨創作總監陳瑞麟先生代表。 以下隆重介紹本屆得獎者: 2024年度傑出設計校友 — 專業成就 伍仲匡先生(Ed NG) 合夥人 / 創辦人 , AB Concept 1991年室內設計學文學士   伍仲匡(Ed) 於1991年畢業,當時對探索全球文化興趣特別濃厚,致力投身酒店設計。為了實現理想,伍氏累積了許多寶貴實戰工作經驗,先後效力酒店設計、建築師事務所和地產發展商,後於1999年與合作夥伴共同創立AB Concept。    伍氏堅信室內設計注重以人為本的體驗,而酒店設計師則肩負文化合作夥伴的重任。他深信設計師可以透過融入個人風格與專業知識,配合本地文化與工藝,在可用空間中娓娓道來獨特的故事,創造只此一家的體驗。 伍氏表示:「香港是中西交匯、海納百川的地方,我在這裡長大,學懂與這座成市一樣欣賞各式各樣的文化,實在非常幸運。」堅實的多元文化基礎,令伍氏保持好奇心,不斷尋根究柢並設計出風格與別不同的酒店體驗。    他領導的設計團隊遍佈香港、台北、京都、倫敦和米蘭,參與了世界各地的頂級酒店與餐飲項目,作品包括香港四季酒店的知名酒吧Argo、葡萄牙阿爾加維海灘上迷人的W酒店及度假村、東京麗思卡爾頓酒店最近翻新的大堂,還有倫敦Raffles酒店集團旗下The OWO的意大利餐廳Paper Moon。伍氏的團隊現在正忙着設計位於紅海的瑰麗酒店度假村,與在京都二条城旁邊的香格里拉酒店。他近年也為Poltrona Frau 與Tai Ping等高端品牌在產品設計上合作。   伍仲匡於2018年後主要居於輕井澤的山林,這裡變化萬千的大自然美景不僅是靈感泉源,也令他更專注創作。 最近《紐約時報》的《T Magazine》也報道了他在山林裡親筆設計的私人大宅。 2024年度傑出設計校友 — 專業成就 王玉波先生 (Jacky WONG) 参呈時尚集團 創始人.首席執行官 2003年設計學文學士(時裝及視覺傳達設計)   王玉波(Jacky)於2003年獲授設計學文學士(時裝及視覺傳達設計)學位。王氏在設計學院的多元培育下成了多才多藝的專才,剛畢業便獲一家擁有多國市場的比利時品牌錄用。他於2006年的青年設計師大賽中獲十佳入圍設計師的殊榮。王氏進入中國市場後獲一家新加坡上市公司青睞,擔任該公司品牌總監兼副總經理,與亞洲天后孫燕姿合作,在國內市場開拓出全新的知名度。   王氏其後創辦的公司備受全球各大企業與跨國品牌賞識,展開了品牌戰略規劃、商品設計、生產、市場營銷、空間創意等多種形式的合作。他的客戶包括可口可樂、arena和著名結他品牌Gibson等。   王氏於2018年推出了原創3TC跨界生活藝術時尚零售文創品牌「3omthingchic」,在上海、蘇州、杭州、新加坡和東京創建「時尚藝術生活空間」。2022年,王氏應邀為三星堆遺址創作NFT數碼資產,並被委任為中國四川省非物質文化遺產創意設計顧問。2023年,王氏為「中國北京故宮博物院-香港空間」擔任策劃人、空間設計總監、生活產品設計師和監製。 2024年度傑出年輕設計校友 — 企業成就     高雅詩小姐 (Malou KO) THE CABINET 創辦人及創意總監 2010年設計學文學士(工業及產品設計)   高雅詩(Malou)是榮獲國際設計獎項的香港品牌設計師。她於2005年尚在香港理工大學就讀工業及產品設計時,已創立了THE CABINET多領域設計工作室。高氏深信設計能建立人與人的聯繫,多年來為超過120個品牌創作了超過200個國際及本地設計項目,合作品牌包括渣打銀行、國泰航空、Ralph Lauren、喜來登、KEF、南豐集團、天星小輪、安達人壽、星巴克等。   高氏榮獲超過90個國際設計獎項,包括台灣金點設計獎、美國C2A、京都GDA、美國IDA、倫敦LICC、巴黎DNA Paris Design Awards、法國Grands Prix du Design、香港最佳設計品牌大獎、香港環球設計大獎、香港智營設計大賞等。她於2017年獲European Cultural Centre邀請於意大利威尼斯Venice Design展出畫作。她的作品被喻為細緻可喜及充滿感染力。   高氏於2020年成立了自家設計品牌 HumanKind。她希望透過人際間的不同思維與反應設計出幽默和令人快樂的產品。HumanKind的第一件產品「Wishes Plate」囊括了10個設計獎項,不但廣獲《瑪利嘉兒》、《Esquire君子雜誌》、《美紙》等刊物報導,更於香港M+博物館、亞洲協會香港中心、JOYCE、美利酒店、澳門上葡京綜合度假村及日本發售。 2024年度傑出年輕設計校友 — 社會服務成就     梁雯蕙小姐 (Comma LEUNG) 無事設計有限公司設計總監 2015年設計學文學士(視覺傳達設計)   梁雯蕙(Comma)於2015年畢業於香港理工大學視覺傳達設計,曾效力日本著名設計工作室。她於同年創立無事無事研究所,致力透過設計連繫社群,與各界合作推動社會共融。   梁氏屢獲國際設計及社會企業殊榮,包括 DFA亞洲最具影響力設計獎、比利時Pentawards包裝設計獎、台灣金點設計獎、HKYDTA 香港青年設計才俊獎、 HKDA Hong Kong Best與香港社會企業挑戰賽冠軍等。她的作品曾於德國、日本、台灣等地展出,更獲日本電視台 NHK人物紀錄片與瑞典電台傳媒專訪。

18 Jun, 2024

PolyU Design Heritage School of Design


PolyU Design Show 2024 unveils 60-Year legacy shaping Hong Kong’s creative landscape and students’ innovative works

(中文版在本頁底部)   (17 June 2024) The Hong Kong Polytechnic University’s School of Design (PolyU Design) is once more hosting the iconic PolyU Design Show, a highlight of its 60th anniversary celebrations, to showcase innovative works from PolyU’s young designers, from today to 16 August 2024. From immersive “phygital” experiences that reimagine Hong Kong’s cityscapes to a nostalgic journey through six decades of the Show itself, it offers visitors an unforgettable feast of visuals and ingenuity. Prof. Kun-Pyo LEE, Dean of PolyU Design remarked,  “For 60 years, PolyU Design has been a driving force in Hong Kong’s transformation into a global design hub. This year, PolyU’s Art and Design has ranked 19th in the QS World University Rankings by Subject, a testament to the University’s international standing and its solid foundation in design education. As one of the richest in recent years, this year’s Show not only pays tribute to this annual legacy but also provides a glimpse into the development of the design industry as well as the future of design our students and alumni are forging.” The focus of the Show’s visual theme is a diamond, symbolising how design students hone their skills, refine their thinking and polish their creations through their learning journey, in order to produce designs that contribute to the individual, society and the economy. More than 200 projects by PolyU Design students from across all levels, from capstone to interdisciplinary research are being exhibited. The works span the development of personal lives, businesses and societies and address real-world challenges through innovative solutions. Students are from PolyU Design’s undergraduate programmes in Advertising Design, Communication Design, Digital Media, Environment and Interior Design, Interactive Media, Product Design and Social Design, as well as postgraduate programmes in Innovative Business Design, Intelligent Systems Design, Multimedia and Entertainment Technology, Smart Service Design and Transitional Environments Design.  Among the featured works are a mobile application helping children build up positive financial habits; a re-design of Hong Kong’s public transport system into a seamless and cohesive travel experience; a social design project assisting subdivided unit residents in redesigning their current living spaces; and an innovative dim sum restaurant embracing the unmanned store concept, and more. Meanwhile, the immersive “phygital” exhibition by Environment and Interior Design students redefines Hong Kong’s iconic landscape with the use of physical and virtual models, virtual reality technology and provision of interactive experiences. In addition, a retrospective display tracing the evolution of PolyU design programmes alongside a walk down the memory lane of the exhibition’s history and student works from the earlier days witness the growth and transformation of design education in Hong Kong. The exhibition is open to public. To find more about the Show, please visit: **END*** Media contact Ms Anita Law Assistant Marketing Manager, PolyU Design Tel: +852 2766 4925 Email:  Ms Jess Fung Manager, Public Affairs Tel: +852 2766 5197 Email:   理大設計展2024 塑造創意格局60 年  學生才華鋒芒初現 (2024年6月17日)香港理工大學設計學院(理大設計)以標誌性的「理大設計展2024」作為學院鑽禧誌慶亮點活動之一,由今日起至8月16日展出理大年輕設計師的創意作品。展覽亦透過重塑香港城市景觀的沉浸式「實體與數碼化」體驗,以及回顧理大設計展60年歷史的懷舊之旅,為觀眾帶來難忘的視覺與巧思盛宴。 理大設計學院院長李健杓教授表示:「60年來,理大設計一直是推動香港發展成為全球設計中心的動力泉源,理大藝術及設計科目更於今年的QS世界大學學科排名第19位,足證大學在設計教育的國際水平和深厚根基。今屆展覽規模堪稱近年之最,不僅是向設計展這個年度盛事致敬,更是前瞻行業的發展契機,見證學生和校友貢獻和塑造的設計新趨勢。」 今屆展覽主視覺以「鑽石」為題,寓意理大設計學生的創意力於在學期間歷經雕琢、思維磨練和拋光,才能創作出貢獻個人、社會和經濟的設計。展覽涵蓋逾200個不同年級學生的畢業作品、跨學科合作及前沿研究,圍繞改善生活、商業以及社會議題等主題,構思創意方案,以應對現實世界面對的種種挑戰。學生來自各學士課程,包括廣告設計、傳意設計、數碼媒體、環境及室內設計、互動媒體、產品設計、社會創新設計,以及碩士課程包括創新商業設計、智能系統設計、多媒體科藝、智能服務設計和城市環境設計等。 精選作品包括鼓勵兒童從小開始建立正面理財習慣的應用程式;為香港公共交通工具打造全新視覺面貌,以締造無縫協調的出行體驗的項目;協助劏房居民有效規劃居住空間的社會創新設計項目;以及採用無人店概念的創新點心餐廳等。由環境及室內設計學生打造的沉浸式「實體與數碼化」展覽,融合實體與虛擬模型、虛擬實境技術和互動體驗,以嶄新視角詮釋香港標誌性的城市景觀。 另外,今年更特設展區回顧理大設計60年來的課程發展沿革,重溫歷屆展覽部分精彩作品,帶領觀眾走進歷史,一同見證香港設計教育的成長和蛻變。 歡迎公眾蒞臨參觀,更多展覽詳情及最新消息,請瀏覽。 ***完*** 傳媒查詢 羅珮珊女士 設計學院助理市場經理 電話﹕+852 2766 4925 電郵﹕  馮秀芳女士 公共事務經理 電話﹕+852 2766 5197 電郵﹕  

17 Jun, 2024

PolyU Design Knowledge Transfer School of Design


ISD Capstone Research Project 'bridging the gap between academia and industry' with esteemed industrial partners in GBA and propels industrial innovation

Flying cars in-car system design, innovative AI cockpit experience, luxurious ecotourism in remote mountains, AI wearable health management for women in different life stages – these are some of the mind-opening industry-collaborative research themes and proposals presented at this year's Intelligent Systems Design (ISD) Capstone Research Project launch. "Bridging the gap between academia and industry has been a challenge in tertiary education," said Prof. Stephen J. Wang, ISD Specialism Leader and ISD Capstone Subject Leader. "I am thrilled to witness again how the ISD Capstone Research Project is evolving as a unique education endeavour to answer this challenge. The project is meticulously designed to challenge our students with real-world and industrial problems and foster a collaborative environment with our esteemed industrial partners. "In the concluding phase of their ISD journey, our students are poised to embark on a comprehensive exploration that encapsulates a full-fledged design process, culminating in a proof-of-concept demonstration that showcases their innovative design concepts and reflects their academic prowess. They are set to be well-equipped with ISD capabilities and share our commitment to industry relevance and innovation." The three briefs from our returning industry partners given before the launch garnered 14 proposals from 8 teams. Representatives from our partners – the leading manufacturers in the Greater Bay Area (GBA) – take on the role of industry supervisors. Together with our academic supervisors, they guide the students in addressing the briefs using the ISD approach, harnessing advanced technologies and processes to bolster the most cutting-edge industries for achieving transformative industrial innovation. They all came together at the launch, getting acquainted, discussing the way forward, expected outcomes, possible team synergies, and answering questions. Thanks to our industry partners' generosity in nurturing creative minds and supporting the ISD vision. We eagerly anticipate ground-breaking solutions and advancements this year's cohort will bring to propel the industrial innovation of our time.

7 Jun, 2024

PolyU Design Collaborates School of Design

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Brian Kwok’s "CITY OF SCRIPTS 2 - HONG KONG TYPE DESIGNERS” won 2024 ADC Awards Design Merit Award in New York

Congratulations to our academic staff, Mr Brian Kwok, writer of "CITY OF SCRIPTS 2 - HONG KONG TYPE DESIGNERS" on receiving the Merit Award at the 2024 ADC Awards - Publication Design.   The book features a research  on type design in Hong Kong. The author interviewed eight local designers with various kinds of type design, from logotype, text, title and sign design of Hong Kong Mass Transit Railway. It provides valuable information to the study of Chinese type design.   The book cover features minimalistic geometric colour blocks, creating a striking visual representation of "字" (characters) and "Type." Using the hot stamping technique impresses these elements onto a grid that spans across the book and establishes a seamless connection between the cover, the book's title, and the process of typeface design, showcasing the beauty and diverse range of Chinese characters. Award details    

27 May, 2024

PolyU Design Assets School of Design


'Portrayals of Women in Early Twentieth-Century China' by Dr Sandy Ng

How did the modernization of early 20th-century China transform the image and identity of Chinese women?   Our Assistant Professor, Dr Sandy Ng has recently published a monograph, 'Portrayals of Women in Early Twentieth-Century China', which examines how the modernisation of early 20th-century China transformed the image and identity of Chinese women. The book explores how women navigated their changing identities with the proliferation of new designs in Chinese households by studying advertisements, photographs, and films from that era. It focuses on women's role and visual representations in introducing modern design and ways of living to China.   Let's explore together the visual landscape that redefined women's identity and subjectivity in 20th-century China. More about the book

17 May, 2024

Books & Articles School of Design


Welcome aboard to The 18th School of Design Student Association - DIONISIO

Welcome aboard to our 18th Student Association ‘DIONISIO’!  We are excited for the wider range of activities they will organise for students. The new board is formed by a group of enthusiastic and devoted PolyU Design students from years 1 and 2. The members are: President – Potter (Design Foundation year 1) External Vice President – Lily (Design Foundation year 1) Internal Vice President – Hei (Design Foundation year 1) Financial Secretary – Kiki (Service Design year 2) External Secretary – Vivian (Product Experience Design year2) Promotion Secretary – Cathy (Communication Design year 2) Amenities Secretary – Kelly (Service Design year 2) DIONISIO Instagram  

6 May, 2024

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An interview with Outstanding Student Award 2023 winner KWOK Hoi Yan Zoe

It is our greatest pleasure to announce that Miss KWOK Hoi Yan Zoe from our BA(Hons) in Communication Design programme has been selected as a PolyU Outstanding Student for 2023. She is one of 28 winners from different departments, faculties and schools at PolyU. We had an opportunity to interview Zoe to learn about her personal growth story. Let’s dive into her extraordinary journey and discover the secrets behind her exceptional achievements. Q1: How has PolyU Design influenced your approach to design?   PolyU Design has played a significant role in shaping my approach to design. The programme has equipped me with crucial design-thinking skills, enabling me to tackle various situations with fresh perspectives. Collaborating with peers and engaging in meaningful conversations has sharpened my communication abilities. Furthermore, PolyU's extensive facilities, such as the Photography Studio, Print Shop and Production Workshops, have provided me invaluable opportunities to experiment with and explore diverse design production methods. Q2: How do you see design playing an important role in our society? Can you discuss any projects you've been involved in that inspire you on Inclusiveness design? Through my involvement in documenting my neighbourhood and creating prototypes that capture the daily experiences of its citizens, I have witnessed the significant role that design plays in addressing societal challenges and bringing about positive change. One project that particularly stands out is the Integrated Designpreneurship project, which allows students from various disciplines to come together as a group to tackle various social topics as their final-year capstone project. Engaging in discussions with my groupmates has enabled me to learn about design thinking from different perspectives and understand how design shapes our environments, influences our interactions, and even drives social change. This experience has truly inspired me in terms of inclusiveness design. Q3: What characteristics you think an outstanding design student should have? I believe an outstanding design student should possess curiosity, a thirst for knowledge, a questioning mindset, and a genuine concern for society. Driven by curiosity and a desire to learn, I sought diverse design opportunities throughout my studies. This allowed me to experience the transformative power of design and its potential to impact society positively. Q4: Any reflections throughout your years in PolyU Design you could share with us?   Receiving the Outstanding Student Award is a true recognition of my dedication to design studies and a moment of reflection on my university journey. It means a lot to me, particularly as I am in my final year of study.   As I look back on my time at PolyU, I am grateful for the memories and lessons learned that will continue to guide me in the future. The foundation of skills, collaborative spirit, and passion for social impact that I developed during my studies will shape my path and inspire me to effectively utilise design to address pressing social issues in the future. I am excited about the opportunities and the positive impact I can make through design.  

25 Apr, 2024

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Celebrating Growth & Success with High School Students at the Hatch Programme 2024

As one of the highlights of the PolyU Design Hatch Awards 2024, the Hatch Programme, joined by 60 shortlisted participants has finally come to a finale! Happened from 16 March to 6 April 2024, it is a 4-day incubation training programme that aims to support the budding design interest of the high school students, who have already shown a keen eye on identifying interesting design problems to tackle and their potentials through initial proposals. A series of design lectures, workshops and ideation consultations were conducted to help further unlock the possibilities in their design entries. IDEATION CONSULTATION A team of tutors (Mr Chi-Wing Lee of Milk Design and Mr Kennif Li of Kennifstudio) and senior student ambassadors spent time understanding the works and goals of the participants, thus giving them bespoke advice that best fits their needs. These design clinics were carried out regularly where the team was able to keep track of the progress of each project — a real personalised session. What comes to our surprise is the participants’ enthusiasms to explore further into other areas instead of staying in their own lane, constantly seeking out advice from ambassadors and lecturers of different expertise; the essence of design being applicable in multi-disciplinary! DESIGN LECTURE In order to equip participants with design fundamentals that would serve as a solid base for conducting design strategy in the future, lectures with various focus have been organised. Mr Albert Tsang of J.C.DISI introduced the basics of design thinking through his lecture “From and With: Design and Innovation for Social Impact”, enlightening participants with case studies of radical and inclusive design. In “Generative AI is for Everyone to Solve Problems?”, Mr Eddy Hui of Hong Kong Designers Association gave an extensive introduction on Gen AI, its application tips and reminders. PITCHING EXERCISE To better prepare for the final judging session in July, the students participated at a two-parts pitching exercise where Mr Westley Wong of Wholly Wholly shared an overview on branding and keys to nailing a persuasive pitch, while Mr Thomas Wong, an outstanding alumnus graduated from Communication Design led an intensive hands-on workshop, pushing attendees to build a compact thus intriguing presentation in a short period of time. Hopefully, students will make good use of the presentation skills acquired and apply it in their final presentation and beyond!

25 Apr, 2024

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Celebrate remarkable achievements of PolyU Design’s alumni in Hong Kong film industry

Pieces of good news are brought from the 42nd Hong Kong Film Awards! We are excited to announce that our alumni, Dr Terry Lam (Master of Design - Design Strategies) and Mr Man Lim Chung (BA(Hons) in Design (Graphic Design)) have received awards in the ceremony on 14 April 2024 with their outstanding creative works and contributions to the Hong Kong film industry. Dr Terry Lam The Best Film winner "A Guilty Conscience" " (毒舌大狀) is an acclaimed Hong Kong movie achieved huge box office success, grossing over one billion dollars. Dr Lam is the co-scriptwriter along with Jack Ng and Jay Cheung. The amazing team has also earned a nomination for Best Screenplay in the Awards, and Best Writing at the Golden Rooster Awards. They are winners of Recommended Screenplay Award and the Best Movie Character Award, conferred by the Hong Kong Screenwriter’s Guild in 2023.   Over the years, Dr Lam has been involved in numerous renowned films, including ‘Infernal Affairs 1, 2, 3’ (無間道1, 2, 3), 'Fearless' (霍元甲). He is highly passionate about sharing his extensive knowledge and experiences with aspiring filmmakers and creative young people. He is currently Senior Lecturer (Digital Screen Design) at School of Film and Television in the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts. Prior to this role, he taught students in our Bachelor's and Master's programmes. Under his mentorship, many amazing film works were created. Mr Man Lim Chung   Mr Man Lim Chung, our 2022 Distinguished Design Alumnus of the Year - Professional Achievement, was awarded Best Costume & Make-Up Design at the 42nd Hong Kong Film Awards with the blockbuster ‘The Goldfinger’(金手指) starred by Tony Leung. He is also the winner of Best Costume Design at The 17th Asian Film Awards. Mr Man is an outstanding film production designer, costume director, film director, and filmmaker. During his career in the film industry, he has been the driving force behind numerous award-winning works with his diverse talents, including ‘The Goldfinger’(金手指),  ‘Overheard 3’ (竊聽風雲3). His dedication to filmmaking and various other artistic pursuits across Greater China demonstrate his creative talent and ongoing drive to learn in order to support the success of his passions. Congratulations to Mr. Terry Lam and Ms. Man Nim Chung. We applaud their remarkable success and look forward to witnessing their amazing contribution in the industry.

24 Apr, 2024

PolyU Design Heritage School of Design


PolyU Design collaborates with travel essentials and lifestyle brand LOJEL on sustainable design challenge

A travel essentials and lifestyle brand founded in Japan has approached our Master of Design (Innovative Business Design) (IBD) programme and invited our master's students to be strategic design consultants in a sustainable design challenge. At LOJEL, sustainability is a guiding principle that informs the company's daily decisions. They believe waste or something no longer in use is a secondary material and can be given a new purpose in new products, product-services, experiences, and even art. In IBD's Innovative Lifestyle and Culture subject led by Professor of Practice Benny Leong, the project teams were guided to research into the customer base whose lifestyle has been built around travel and sustainability, and based on the research insights, to develop a product/ artefact using secondary materials and including a service/ system that improves the customer experience at LOJEL stores. Project teams also entered a competition if their design used at least 70% defective materials provided by LOJEL and other recyclable or recycled materials. The LOJEL team and judges Jose Munoz, Nataly Hau, Hilda Fung and Dipti Paryani joined the final review held at LOJEL's Hong Kong headquarters. Congratulations to the "Gaia Travelers" project team for winning the Sustainable Design Award and the "Emotive Voyage" for the Green Innovation Award. Looking forward to the possibility to realise our project teams' design concepts!

12 Apr, 2024

PolyU Design Collaborates School of Design

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